Episode 198: Partnering with a Profit First Professional with Ramona Rice

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Ramona Rice had a business that was growing but not profitable. She made the decision to hire a Profit First Professional and her company proudly posted its first profit within the first quarter of hiring a new coach. Ramona Rice walks us through her experience of bringing on a Profit First Professional and how she specifically implemented Profit First in her Spapreneur business. You can do the same by following Ramona Rice’s profitability method.

Our Guest

Ramona Rice is an award winning content marketing professional who specializes in appointment based businesses. She also is an owner of DeStress Express Massage Therapy in Newport News, VA and the creator of Spapreneur which is helps independent day spa professionals find better ways to promote and increase their businesses. Ramona is also the Community Manager for Podcast Websites, the all-in-one podcast hosting solution from John Lee Dumas and Mark Asquith.

Guest Links

Website: www.spapreneur.com

Podcasts: www.podcastwebsite.com

Corporate Partners

Receipt-Bank – Software and service to make the gathering, storage & processing of bills, receipts and invoices as easy and as cost effective as possible for businesses.

Nextiva – VOIP phone providers for small businesses.

Fundbox –  The simplest and fastest way to fix your cash flow by advancing payments for your outstanding invoices.


1 thought on “Episode 198: Partnering with a Profit First Professional with Ramona Rice”

  1. Hi Mike, just finished reading Profit First for the second time in two weeks and wanted to say thank you for a great read. It was given to me by one of your PFP’s, who I barely know, but was kind enough to send me the book. I’ve been implementing a similar system in my business for years, but you really clarified things, especially about WHY I should be doing it. I own one of the largest optometry practices in San Diego, and as we continued to grow, I kept asking myself: “Where is all the money?!” Now I know. We don’t have a revenue problem, we have an expense problem. All of my expenses have been robbing my business of profit, and me of personal income. No more!! From now on, it’s Profit First!!

    I also provide business and leadership consulting to other eye doctors and would love to teach this system to my clients and colleagues.

    Thanks again for the great insight.

    Mick Kling, OD
    Impact Leadership
    Invision Optometry
    San Diego

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