Episode 200: Profitability in Farming with Kathryn Kerby

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Today, Kathryn Kerby talks about profitability from the aspect of a farmer. If there’s one business that is difficult to make a profit, it’s farming. Kathryn’s farm was struggling to survive and hit rock bottom; when Kathryn found Profit First she implemented it immediately, and now her farm has quadrupled in revenue and slashed costs in the process. Discover how this 20-acre farm turned a financial calamity into a prospering business. Welcome to Episode 200 of the Profit First Podcast!


Our Guest 

Kathryn Kerby

Kathryn has been involved with farming and ranching, either as an employee or as a business owner, for over 30 years.  She started working on horse ranches while still in high school in Colorado, then spent time with small diversified livestock and vegetable operations in Pennsylvania’s Amish country in the early 90’s.  Then she went back west to the cattle ranches of Montana in the late 90’s before finally settling in western Washington to start her own farm.  She and her husband currently own/lease 20 acres and run a diversified family farm selling a variety of products direct to the public, using sustainable and organic practices.  They live and breathe the Three E’s: environmental, ethical and economic sustainability.  In recent years she has built an extensive website featuring how-information on various aspects of farming, ranching and gardening.  She also has begun writing how-to books on specific agricultural topics, intended for newbie farmers and ranchers.  Her first book, The Chicken Coop Manual, was self-published in 2014.  Her second book, The Pastured Pig Handbook, is due out late in 2016.  She has a paradoxical love of westerns and sci-fi, she enjoys chocolate way too much, and she usually has two or three books she’s reading at any given time.



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Website: http://www.frogchorusfarm.com/ 



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