Episode 214: Taking Control of Your Business with Profit First with Brittany Conner

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Do you love paying your sales tax? Our guest Brittany Conner can honestly say she loves paying her sales tax. Since implementing Profit First she’s excited to pay her taxes because the money is already set aside and she doesn’t have to worry about incurring late fees because she doesn’t have the money to pay them.  The other bonus? PROFIT! Yes, she can finally use her profit to do fun things like take her family to Disney World.  Learn how she did it on episode 214 of the Profit First Podcast!

Our Guest

My family is everything to me. I met my husband when I was only 17, he is a former U.S. Marine, my complete opposite and the love of my life. Together we have 2 dachshunds, Hailey & Neener. They were our first children and now we call them our old ladies. We have a 4th grader who makes us laugh every day, named Wyatt, and a strong little guy named Luke that just turned 1 in April. I’ve been a wedding photographer, in Knoxville, TN, for the past 10 years and I shoot an average of 20-25 weddings per year.

Guest Links

Websites: www.brittanyconner.com

Corporate Partners

Receipt-Bank – Software and service to make the gathering, storage & processing of bills, receipts and invoices as easy and as cost-effective as possible for businesses.

Nextiva – VOIP phone providers for small businesses.

Abby Connect -Abby Connect is a live receptionist service which provides a team of receptionists trained to answer, screen calls and fill out intake forms for small business owners. Abby is a cost-smart solution to delivering superior customer service from the very first call to your office. Abby helps businesses distinguish themselves with a great first impression and operate more efficiently.

Right Networks – Right Networks gets all your critical accounting and business applications into the cloud so your team can work from anywhere, making it that much easier to collaborate, onboard teammates, and even expand your business into new geographies.


5 thoughts on “Episode 214: Taking Control of Your Business with Profit First with Brittany Conner”

  1. Mike,
    Great cast. Thank you soooo much for of. Can you please have a word with the audio mixer? I can barely hear you and your guest are always much louder than you. Thank you much, james from chattanooga

  2. Mike – thanks for explaining (in the listener mail segment) about how the tax account works for S-Corps. I’ve been wondering about that (I am, of course, an owner of an S-Corp). Could you write down what you talked about?

  3. I was so excited to here another photographer using Profit First! Thanks so much for interviewing so many people with different types of jobs. I believe it helps your audience connect more.

  4. Just finished Clockwork and it’s another great book. As a PF junky and admitted Mike Michalowicz fan boy (not in the creepy stalker way) I can’t tell you how much it’s changed our business. Here’s the thing though, we were profitable before instituting the PF system to our business, but now it’s off the chatlrts. Our revenue is similar to last YTD, but man it’s been amazing. In fact, I have taught principles of the book to other franchise owners in our system as well as other contractors I work with. Thanks for your passion and commitment to the entrepreneurs of the world!

  5. Enjoyed this podcast so much! As a bookkeeper who works with Incredibly talented creatives, but not very strong in administrative details – this is full of gold! Thanks PF team for this resource!

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