Episode 24: Profit First In Germany With Benita Königbauer

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Benita Königbauer, Tax Advisor and certified Profit First Professional, joins Episode 24 of the Profit First Podcast. Benita shares her story of implementing Profit First in Germany.


Our Guest

Benita Konigbauer

Benita Königbauer started her career in banking, but soon realized that the new world of banking and sales was not at all what she expected. She decided to become a tax advisor and soon after a business mediator; Benita was happy to provide advice and support to her service professional clients, however, she still felt something was missing – something that would really change her clients lives for the better… until she found Profit First. Now she has the perfect blend of skills to work with her ideal clients and really make a difference. Benita has spent her whole life striving to break through obstacles and continues to support others in doing the same.


Show Quotes 

There are 1.8 Million small businesses in Germany; 1.1 Million business owners make less than minimum wage.

It’s important discuss the problems in a clients business upfront before the business owner makes decisions on their profitability.

There is so much positive feedback about Profit First from small business owners and service professionals. When they start to see things going in the right direction there is so much relief for them, creating hope and a plan to fix their struggles.

If you are trying to implement Profit First in your business and your accountant or Bookkeeper is giving you push back, just say “trust me, just try it.” Until they have experience with it, they will resist it because we default to what we are familiar with.

It’s important to explain to clients that  not only should they make money for the work that they do, but they should get money for the entrepreneurial risks that they take. If there is no profit in your business then your essentially just another employee of your company.


Show Links

Benita’s Website: www.profit-first.de

Benita on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ProfitFirstDeutschland

Benita on LinkedIn: https://de.linkedin.com/in/benitakoenigbauer

Benita on Xing: https://www.xing.com/profile/Benita_Koenigbauer


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