Episode 96: Momentum towards Profitability with Jason and Jodi Womack

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Jason & Jodi Womack, Authors of  Get Momentum: How To Start When You’re Stuck, join Mike Michalowicz and Chris Curran to talk about the importance of momentum in the workplace. Jason & Jodi discuss how having a business partner who is the polar opposite of you can be both your biggest strength and your Achilles heel, depending on how you choose to use both of your skills. They also challenge us to try the 30/30 rule: Work 30 mins/day on something that’s 30 days or more away. If you don’t have time to prioritize building profitability into your business now, what makes you think you’ll have time to do it later? Welcome to Episode 96 of the Profit First Podcast!



Our GuestsJodi & Jason Womack

Jason and Jodi Womack met in the front row of history class in college. Jodi asked to borrow Jason’s notes. He said, “No.” That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Jason’s “No” quickly turned into a “Yes” and 23 years later they’re still editing each other’s writing. They’ve grown up together as they worked in the local, small town high school; Jason teaching history and Jodi in the Counseling department. Then graduating to running their own international consulting firm, The Womack Company, where they help busy professionals be more productive through coaching, consulting, their Get Momentum Leadership Academy, and now their book, Get Momentum: How To Start When You’re Stuck. (Wiley, May 2016)


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Websites:  www.getmomentum.com/bonus




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