Profit First Announced Best Business Book of 2017 by Soundview

Soundview announced that Profit First as the best business book of the Year!!! Soundview is the curator of thousands of business books every single year and it is a privilege to be ranked as the best among them.



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23 thoughts on “Profit First Announced Best Business Book of 2017 by Soundview”

  1. Congratulation! I can certainly see why you and your book deserve this recognition. I am reading and beginning to follow, implement the system into my own practice, and introduce it to my client and prospective clients. I will be reaching out to you soon to learn more about following and promoting the process. I’m looking forward to reading your other books as well. Keep it coming.


  2. I have it and will buy it for my staff and 19 year for Christmas. I’m sure they will love me for it. LMAO.

    Well it will change their mindset and they need it.

    Congratulations Mike! Keep kicking ass.


  3. Of course it was! Of 2016, 2018, 2015, 2019, too!

    For years I struggled with a clear way to clarify best business practice without falling into “accountspeak,” my term for the language CPAs and Accountants learn until they forget to speak English (or French, or Swahili…..)

    Not only does Profit First do that – Profit First gives a simple blueprint to follow for greater business success.

    So now, instead of struggling to translate, I just recommend Profit First to all of my clients! Works for business, works for individuals, works for everyone with a desire to manage their money rather than letting their money manage them.

    Thank you, Mike! (P.S. – I recommend the Audible version – Mike is hilarious! I laughed so hard sometimes I had to back up to hear what he said next…..)

  4. Michael, Congratulations! I have read the book and heard you speak at Howard Partridge’s Inner Circle conference. The material is very valuable. I only wish I had read it earlier when I started my business 7 1/2 years ago. It would have changed my life and my wealth.

  5. *5’s* Congratulations on some well-deserved (…and shall we say “overdue”? Well, why not! *G*) recognition. Hard work and commitment to advising us as to how to ‘get it Right from the Start’ for as long as you’ve been at and about it….? *Insert mild expletive of choice Here*

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person….except Me (of course), but that’s another story for another day… 😉 *L*

    (BTW, we’re doing quite well, thank you….especially for your advice, exhortations, pointed humour, and your books/emails/’web-work’/and all the thoughts and insights you’ve shared over all these years. To paraphrase PF, “Got to keep the loonies on the path….”)

    Thanks again, and again, on and on, anon….and Congratulations, one more time….*VBS*

  6. Congratulations! Very well deserved. You’ve always had great content in all of your books – it’s no wonder this one climbed to # 1.

    Thank you for being an integral part of the entrepreneur’s journey.

  7. Congrats Mike, a person like you, that is committed to help people succeed, doesn’t deserve other thing than huge success.

  8. Hola Mike.
    Hoy compré tu libro y ya lo estoy leyendo. Debo confesar que me topé con él a través de un vídeo de Sofía Macías, fue una mañana cuando buscaba ayuda desesperada, pues siento que me ahogo en mi negocio, di con él y me pareció perfecto para comenzar a salir del fondo (ya me he dado muchos golpes ahí).
    Te escribo antes de comenzar el capítulo 2, para decirte que estoy comprometida con mi rentabilidad, y haré lo necesario para que mi negocio sea rentable, de manera permanente de una vez por todas.
    Espero escribirte contándote que he tenido éxito.
    Gracias por escribir este libro y darme esperanzas.
    Saludos, y mucho éxito.
    Ivonne Campos
    (Te escribo por aquí porque Gmail no envía mi correo a la dirección que está en el libro)

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