Skype for Small Business Profile: Dr. Sabrina Schleicher

One of the best ways to learn how you can get the most out of your business tools is by sharing ideas with the experts. I compared some notes with Sabrina Schleicher, Ph.D, President of Tap the Potential LLC, America’s Leading Rural Business Growers. She shared her take on the way Skype has helped her overcome the unique challenges she faces as a small business owner.

Tap the Potential, LLC is located in Riverton, Wyoming, and Sabrina’s mission is to help rural businesses face their #1 challenge – “How to find and keep great employees.” Sabrina knows how difficult it can be to establish and grow a national business while still enjoying a rural lifestyle, and Skype is one key component in her solution.

Tap the Potential couldn’t survive by relying on only local businesses. Skype lets Sabrina have access to customers all over the world while saving time and money that would have been spent on airfare, hotels, meals, and international phone calls. Skype video calls give Sabrina and her clients face-to-face time when distance and expense make travel prohibitively expensive.

Sometimes Skype offers the most viable solution for Sabrina’s rural location as well. Recently, she had a VIP Strategic Planning Day scheduled with an important client set to arrive from a neighboring state. The forecast in the Rockies called for ice, wind, and snow, so Sabrina suggested a Skype session as an easier and safer alternative to the long, potentially dangerous drive.

Another Skype feature Sabrina has found particularly useful is video calling, which she uses several times of month in lieu of long phone calls. Video calling frees her clients from the need to hold a telephone for hours and forges a stronger bond than merely a voice call.

Put simply, Skype lets Sabrina offer her services to businesses anywhere in the world, far beyond her beloved Wyoming home.

I wrote this blog post on behalf of Skype and received compensation for my time and research required to create this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine, not Skype’s. For additional information about Skype’s small business solutions, follow @skype4biz and visit


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