Squeeze The Juice Out Of It

We derive only about twenty percent of the value out of eighty percent of the things we use. The email marketing system you purchased? It can do so much more than just big old email blasts. That CRM you are using? You’re barely scratching the surface of what it can do. That networking group you joined, you are barely networked with two people when you could be connected with one hundred.

The irony is we often spend more time (and money) in trying to fill the “void” of those other programs. We hire a newsletter designer, even though the e-mail marketing system already had a designer function built in. We buy a list of cold prospects to market to, even though our CRM is rich with warm prospects. And we join group after group and never attend.

It is time we reevaluate the things we do and possess. There is so much more capability, features, functions and resources in the things we already have. We just need to spend the time to discover it. We just need to make the effort to squeeze all the juice out of the few best things we have and not waste time or money on trying to duplicate what we already possess.

If only we would squeeze more out of what we already have…


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