The Suitcase Not So Fresh Feeling

Do you travel a lot or even occasionally? One of my pet peeves is having my dirty clothes share my suitcase with my clean, pressed clothes. It is like:

“I-just-worked-out-hard-core-in-110-degree-weather-and-forgot-to-put-on-deodorant-Mike” makes out with “I-bathed-in-hand-sanitizer-and-put-on-this-suit-I-picked-up-from-the-dry-cleaners-Mike”. It is kinda gross, and racey all at once.

I have found two fixes to the problem. One obvious, and the other not so much.

First, keep your clothes separated (bring a laundry bag or plastic bag), so never the two shall meet.

Second, grab a dryer laundry sheet, and keep it on the clean side. Everytime I open my suitcase, I get the wonderful smell of a fresh summer’s eve. Say goodbye to your suitcase’s not so fresh feeling.


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