Superhero Thoughts

When you were a child, you believed in superhero thoughts.

You believed you could create your own Spider Man web wrist launchers, swing from building to building, and fly tree to tree.

You believed you could build your own Wonder Woman invisible jet, deflect bullets with your bracelets, and get people speaking the truth once you lassoed them.

You believed one day you could be as strong as The Thing and crush stone with your fist.

So, you strapped on your Underoos, grabbed the necessary supplies (glue, tape, and sticks), and got to work. You made process. But it’s too bad your birthdays made faster progress than your superhero thoughts. You never finished making your web spinner, invisible jet, or stone crusher because one day your mind said it’s impossible, it’s childish. One day you became an adult.

But a few people, thank God, resist becoming adults. They made the invisible jet and called it “stealth.” They made the web to fly from tree to tree and called it “ziplines.” They made a truth lasso and called it “a martini.” And yes the bullet deflector (Kevlar) and rock crusher (dynamite) exist too. They just kept their child’s mind.

You still have superhero thoughts, but you’re pushing them away as impossible, as childish. Let your mind go free again. Go back to the way you were, right out of the box.


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