26 thoughts on “Surfside Bagels: A Bagel Shop Business Rescue”

  1. Nice piece! Yet another method for sharing with the entrepreneurial community. I am sure it was also fun and fulfilling for you. Awesome.

  2. Great story Mike! Makes me want to get more acquainted with the small businesses in my community, even though I live in one of the largest cities in the U.S. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Tragedy happens…it’s what we do as individuals and as a community that makes all the difference. So many times we have seen in this country our fellow citizens coming together to assist those in need, regardless of whether it’s across the street or continent. We truly are a special breed in this country and am proud of my NY/NJ roots!

    In my new home community of Reno, NV, we’ve been dealing with the aftermath of the Great Heist (some call it Recession). Though the public sector is doing what it can, it always comes back to the private individual/business to make it happen and turn things around. At the end of the day, we truly rely on each other to get us through the toughest times. Always have, always will!

  4. The team did a great job in helping this business. I would like to see more businesses in this area being helped by your team as well and perhaps a book on just what you did so you can get your fees back in some way as well.

  5. Mike, thanks for sending me the link. I was bummed when I saw your FB post, but had missed the segment. What a touching story. It took such courage for those owners to get back in there and try again. The video of the storm surge captured from their cameras–heartbreaking. Loved the creative ways to innovate for their Ideal Customers. I’m sharing this video with my clients. I anticipate it will spark some ideas!

  6. Mike, thanks for sharing. I had some friends that had a business a while back and two of the things these guys were doing, they were also doing:
    1) they were the owners and not paying themselves a salary
    2) they did shopping runs EVERY day, even Sundays
    I kept telling them that the wear and tear on their vehicles, the small discounts they could get by buying in bulk and the time they spent away was not helping them. They could never see the value on that. They also never understood the idea that they should just stick to paying themselves a given amount a month.
    Notice, I said they had a business. I’m glad these guys are seing the light. Hope they prosper.

  7. I love this episode, especially since many I know are from that area. Thanks for sharing it Mike and keep up the awesome work.

  8. I like what you guys did to work out some “buying power” for this independent shop, and I wonder if that can become part of the new work you are doing Mike – it seems that indies don’t typically have time to network with their cohorts, but if they (in nearly any kind of business) can leverage themselves into better wholesale rates, everything scales better. I love the idea of small-team entrepreneurship leveraged across the country.

  9. This was cool Mike I have learned something especially marketing techniques to commuters. Here in Africa especially the rural areas people sell food to commuters but REAL Transformational Entrepreneurs are not taking advantage of the opportunities. I will seriously think about it.
    James from Malawi
    Living in Johannesburg

    1. I would LOVE to see you bring this about in Africa. If it is not being done, somebody needs to do it. Just make sure it speaks to your passion and that the business represents you authentically!

  10. I’ve had this paged bookmarked for a week until I got around to watching it. I love this stuff Mike. So many great tips and it’s wonderful to see struggling business owners come back from such bad luck.

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