The Absolute Best Way To Discipline An Employee

I don’t care how good you think your method of disciplining employees is, I can guarantee it’s wrong. How can I much such a seemingly absurd claim without knowing a thing about you? If you have only one method to discipline an employee, it will be received differently by each. At best, your process will only be moderately successful. Instead of disciplining them your way, discipline each one of them their own way.

When an employee starts with your company or during their periodic reviews or when discussing ways to motivate your team, ask your employee how they want you to address disciplinary issues should they ever come up. Let them lay down the rules.

Do they want you to email them or write them a formal letter? Do they prefer you call them into your office for a private meeting? Do they prefer you take them offsite to a local Starbucks to have a heart to heart? Document their preferred method in your HR file.

When your employees are disciplined the way they want to be, it is always received better than the one generic way you always do it. Plus there is an added bonus, it prevents office gossip. If your method has been bringing people into your office and closing the door, that closed door has become a trigger for everyone to start gossiping. With this new method, you address employees differently and uniquely to their specific preferences. No more office gossip, and the message gets across even more effectively.


5 thoughts on “The Absolute Best Way To Discipline An Employee”

  1. Haven’t used this strategy, but as someone who is more and more required to supervise others, I can see how this would be helpful, not just for the “disciplined” employee, but also for me, a person with high expectations for performance, little to no tolerance for excuses and who doesn’t like confrontation. The thought of talking to someone about disciplinary issues, undesirable work habits, and/or unacceptable behavior always makes me super uncomfortable!

  2. Ha, you tricked me indeed Mike. Good advice. Something else: Still haven’t finished you TPE book, but I’m heading for that 1 million you mentioned. I designed the Mantinozo, the new Fast-Exchangable-Battery, which we are developing in The Netherlands as a part of
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