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As soon as Donald Trump mentioned it about any of his competitors their pole numbers hit the skids. I’m referring to having low energy.

Being an entrepreneur is more than a full time job. A successful entrepreneur is constantly on the run. Their mind needs to race at 100 miles an hour. In order to do this, you need many sources of energy, from fueling your car, truck or jet. So when Donald Trump said Jeb and Dr. Carson had low energy, he was asking that without adequate energy how could they be effective presidents?

This article is not about politics although the wrong policies can either enhance or challenge the ability of the American entrepreneur to succeed. When I refer to energy I am including fuel and a healthy balance sheet which propels a company forward. Just like a balance sheet has pluses and minuses, energy has positives and negatives. Ultimately your furnace is your health and enables you to harness your company’s resources.

The ongoing cycle that fuels a business is cash flow and profits. The cycle that fuels a CEO is health and enthusiasm. Both of these parallels continue to feed off of each other. Without adequate health and vigor, a CEO can’t fuel success. The ones s/he leads also feel this lacking.

We know all the obvious energy boosters and busters, which are part of various cycles.

Let’s start with eating and exercise. If you eat the proper foods, you have the stamina to exercise and put energy into your business. If you eat the wrong foods, you feel sluggish. This affects everyone around you.

The next cycle is sleep and getting on schedule for the next day. If you get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed, you are like a thoroughbred foaming at the bit ready to get out of the starting gate. But if you get a restless night’s sleep the next day won’t be very productive. Everything you do will further drain you, leading to a vicious cycle.

If you eat, sleep and exercise properly, you don’t need to read further. However, if you don’t, the tips below could be a game changer for you, your family, and business.

Below are some of the reasons you don’t sleep well;

1. Poor sleep hygiene. Having good sleep hygiene involves having a steady sleep schedule, keeping the bedroom cool and dark, blocking out digital displays and having a routine before bed, like taking a bath, brushing your teeth, maybe reading a book. Don’t read from anything digital because that re-engages your brain at a time you want to unwind. Adapting these routines may sound easy but for some people, they are very difficult.
2. Eating the wrong foods, especially close to bedtime.
3. Nighttime Acid Reflux.
4. Stuffy sinuses.
5. Some other undiagnosed health issue.

We are going to discuss reason 3 & 4. There is a well-known solution in the medical community but for some reason it doesn’t get much attention when Doctor’s make recommendations to their patients.

Doctors tell almost all-acid reflux sufferers to lift the head of the bed. Studies have shown that this leads to great results. Not only does it help with acid reflux, it can also help with other drainage issues.

But it’s easier said than done. There is a simple device that lifts the head of the bed. It’s called an under mattress bed wedge. It’s also called a mattress wedge or mattress bed wedge.

What this device does is it inclines the entire sleeping area, to a medically recommended angle, to introduce gravity while sleeping. This position helps by keeping someone from refluxing. If someone should happen to experience reflux gravity drains acid back into the stomach as opposed to letting it sit in the esophagus and causing damage all night long.

If you do suffer from Acid Reflux you could find Reflux Guard© at and learn a lot more about the product and acid reflux.


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