The Buzz Warrior Call To Arms

The Secret Handshake

Welcome Buzz Warrior. As the founding father and mother (that’s my feminine side speaking) of The Fraternal Order of Buzz Warriors I just gave you a big, dog like, sweeping lick up the side of your face. From your chin to cheek, slightly over your nostril, up the side of your nose, right over your eyeball and to your forehead, then through your hair, in your ear (with a little bit of awkward lingering), and then back to your chin. A big wet lick of Buzz Warrior love.

This is our secret handshake. Please use it every time you greet a fellow Buzz Warrior.

I know, it’s a little bit awkward. We are just required to do it since it is our secret handshake and all. We’ve gotta follow the rules, you know. I don’t make this stuff up. Hooooold on. Wait a minute!


The 4 Rules of The Buzz Warriors (Plus 4 Spots Reserved)

1) I make some of this stuff up.

2) The first rule, which is already confusing since it is listed second, is that every Buzz Warrior is to be respected and supported.

3) Dicks are not allowed here. If you read The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, you know this is a big deal for me. Any dickish behavior will result in instant removal from The Buzz Warriors. And yes, I will take my lick back. Seriously.

4) No one is the leader of The Buzz Warrior movement, including me. It is a little bit of anarchy and a lot a bit fun. The only leaders we want are cheerleaders and folks who lead by example.

5) Reserved for rules 5, 6, 7 and 8. I thought that we might want to add more rules down the road. Cult like stuff. Something like: We refuse to eat honey and chastise anyone who does. Suggestions are welcome. And the spots have been reserved.


Mike’s Balls

It is only reasonable to ask, why the hell would you want to volunteer to be a Buzz Warrior? In other words:

Does Mike Michalowicz really have the audacity (“balls” for my Jersey neighbors) to ask me to volunteer my time so I can promote his new book, The Pumpkin Plan?

The answer: Yes! My balls (“audacity” for my non-Jersey neighbors) are huge.

I am being selfish. No question. Not selfish in a power trip way. Selfish in that, this won’t work without you. I need and humbly ask for your help. Big time.

Launching a new book is harder then ever. Without the support of a small, focused group of audacious, insanely, “what the hell, let’s make this happen” driven people, my book will likely flop. I surely can’t advertise my way to success. So, I am partly asking for your help because I am being selfish, and biggly asking because I recognize I can’t make this work without you (which I guess is selfish, too).


Bigger Than Mike’s Balls

You are serving a much, much bigger mission then just promoting The Pumpkin Plan. You are showing entrepreneurs how to succeed.

Almost everything we have in this life has been a result of an entrepreneur. From the wheel to the computer, from gas to electricity, to the combination of wheels, computers, gas and electricity (more commonly know as a Prius). If you buy it or use it, it was an entrepreneur who made it happen. Entrepreneurs are the shit.

As Buzz Warriors our mission is to support fellow entrepreneurs. I know. I know. We are doing it by promoting my book. That part supports me (an entrepreneur). At the same time, we are also supporting all the people we touch during the Buzz Warrior campaign. If they read The Pumpkin Plan, I think – scratch that – I know it will help them. But there is even more to it. . .

Here’s the reality: Many will hear of The Pumpkin Plan because of our efforts and still never read it. Even then our mission still has been served. Those entrepreneurs will have learned about you. They will have been touched by what is possible. . . that following the ordinary path, in this case advertising a book through magazines and such, is not the only path. That amazing things can be accomplished if we just think – scratch that – act outside the box. That a few can move mountains.

So, in short, the most important mission of The Buzz Warrior is to show the world of entrepreneurs what is possible. To show by example. To show entrepreneurs how to succeed.


How Did Mike Get Such Massive Balls?

Partly because I am German, Polish and Hungarian. It is a deadly “ball” combo.

The other reason is because I am living what I have defined as my life’s purpose. I believe that entrepreneurship is life’s ultimate sandbox. My purpose is to inspire as many people as possible to get into the sandbox and start playing. To get people going “all in” on their dreams. To get people to understand that success is in the doing and pursuing of what makes you happy. And sometimes, but not always, you are rewarded with gobs of cash, that you can use to inspire more folks to start playing in the sandbox and to enable you to do more of what makes you happy. It is a beautiful thing.

I’ve got balls, because I know why I am here. Maybe it will change at some point, but I doubt it. I am on a mission. And it is surprisingly freeing to go all in on one thing. I have the balls to seek your help, because I think what I am doing may be in a small way part of your purpose. Perhaps our “purpose paths” have crossed. And if being a Buzz Warrior adds to your happiness, well shit, we are going to crush it!


What Buzz Warriors Are Promoting:  The Pumpkin Plan by Me (Mike)

The Pumpkin Plan is the next piece in my mission. It is another way that I have gone all in.

I hope that everyone who reads it finds it like nothing else they have ever read. I hope that it brings insights they never knew possible. I hope it connects, inspires, motivates, supports, teaches and guides entrepreneurs to greater success. I hope it furthers my purpose. I hope it furthers their’s.  I hope it furthers your’s.

I have put everything I have in making it the best book I can. Everything. Now it is time for readers to decide if its worthy.  And the only way readers will even consider reading it, is if they hear about it and hear about it a lot.  You know, if there is a lot of BUZZ!


How To Earn Your Stripes (What You Need To Do)

Now that you know all the background info about the The Buzz Warriors, let’s get you started.

We are already underway, but are still accepting in new Buzz Warriors for a few more weeks. So if you want in, just go to the bottom of this post and follow the email instructions.

When you join the cumulative time and effort you put in is entirely up to you, but I anticipate the “average” Buzz Warrior will spend about 2 hours on this project spread out over June and July. Then again, the word “average” doesn’t exist among Buzz Warriors.

Here is exactly what it means to be a Buzz Warrior, and the support I need from you:

1) The Twitter 24 in 24 – For this task to be completed I ask that you tweet 24 times within twenty four hours, starting any time on July 5th and finishing before July 6th. For the tweet simply say something about the book (e.g. Wham! Bham! Thank you Ma’am-ichalowicz for writing #ThePumpkinPlan. Great book! ). I have prepared about 50 tweets that you can pick from, or you can write your own.

2) The Facebook 5 in 5 – Starting July 5th post 5 pictures of you holding The Pumpkin Plan on Facebook. Once you sign up, Penguin Books (my publisher) will mail you an advance copy of the book, and you can take a picture with the book. The funnier and more unique the pictures the better. (I would love if someone does the nude “The Thinker” pose with the book). Just make sure you can see the cover of the book in your shots. Tagging Mike ( and friends is a bonus.

3) The Post (or Roast) – July 5th post an honest review of the book on your blog and link it to The Pumpkin Plan Amazon (you may want to use your own affiliate code or you can use the direct link to Amazon, Also include a link to the new website

4) A Blatantly Honest Amazon Review – On July 5th or within 1 week post an honest review of The Pumpkin Plan on Amazon. I of course hope you love the book. . . but no matter what you think good or bad, great or hate, I want your honest review.

5) More Is Better – If you have more ideas, creative spins or just want to do more things on your own. Go for it. Tell me about. Post about it in our forum. All support is appreciated. Just make sure you follow our golden rule… nothing dickish.


The Orange Beret Buzz Warrior

6) The Public Decree (Olde English Style) –  If you elect to be an Orange Beret Buzz Warrior I ask one additional thing… that you do a public reading of the book out loud and unexpected (to the people who hear it). Something like you would experience when someone starts reading (loudly) from the bible as you walk down the street. I have a short script for the reading, and it is about 15 seconds of raw public reading courage. Just as a friend to film it and post it to Facebook and YouTube!  Bonus points if you do the public reading using an Olde English voice.


The Rewards For Buzz Warriors (What’s In It For Me?)

1) First and foremost you get my gratitude. I know that may not be much. But it is critical for me that you know how grateful and appreciative I am of you being a Buzz Warrior. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

2) You get a free advance copy of The Pumpkin Plan. It wouldn’t make sense for you to promote something you don’t have and haven’t read. Once you sign up (deets below) as a Buzz Warrior, and advance copy of the book will be mailed to you.  If you want to get an early jump, you can download the first chapter for free.  You can even get the second chapter for free too, by texting the word “pumpkin” to 59769.

3) Recognition on my website. After the launch is over, in recognition of your efforts you will be identified as one of the elite Buzz Warriors who made the book promotion possible. The listing will include your name, picture, company name, a description of what you do and a link to your site.

4) Every Buzz Warrior who fulfills their duty will also get a free copy of the first edition, hardcover of The Pumpkin Plan. This will be mailed out to you as soon as it is available and will likely be in your hands before the book is released to the public on July 5th.

5) And, of course, you will also get early access to all the marketing stuff going on. New videos that are coming out, new promotions, updates on what’s working and what’s not, all get posted to the Buzz Warriors forum (on Facebook) weeks in advance. I think it is a fun way to get insider access to all the stuff we have going on.


How To Register As A Buzz Warrior (How To Get Started)

If you want in, please simply send an email to saying that you are in. We are currently only taking 100 Buzz Warriors for now, since it is a lot to manage. So if you are interested in helping out, please email now. Time to join in is running out and things are starting to buzz

Thank you. Lick. Lick.

– Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan


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