The Downward Spiral – Bigger Plates = Bigger Cabinets

I was having coffee with Brittany Lanzone, Founder of kitchen design company Rae Design, when she shared a fascinating fact with me. The kitchen cabinet standard recently increased from the former 12 inches of depth to 13 inches. Why? To accommodate larger plates. To make them more accessible. Instantly. Easily.

As you may know, I make a big deal out of plate size because our behavior with plate size and the food we consume runs in direct parallel with how entrepreneurs manage money.  More food served on a single plate, the more we eat. Too much food means too many calories, resulting in societies epidemic obesity.

Banks are doing the same. That one checking account you use to run your business is one big ol’ plate accessible at anytime from anywhere. The second money comes into your business; you have access to all of it. The whole plate. Instantly. Easily. And your money gets eaten away.

Instead, maintain a bank account structure where your money is less accessible and divided into small portions. The method for this is Profit First. I strongly encourage you to implement it now, before the always expanding infrastructure keeps you stuck in a money management method that will never make you profitable.

And for the sake of your health, don’t ever install the new, larger cabinets in your house.


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