The Journey Of Entrepreneurial Success

First, be “crazy” enough to pursue your passion.

Second, find purpose in what you do since it will see you through the tough times and give you more momentum during the strong times.

Third, keep asking your best customers how you can serve them better. Then do it.

Fourth, align what your best customers want with what you want. If you just cater to your customer’s wants, your business will succeed but you will resent it. If you just cater to your wants, you won’t have a business.

Fifth, systematize everything but not all at once. Start with the things that take you the most time and are repetitive. Endeavor to systematize those things so they are consistently completed by other people or other things.

Sixth, hire people with the right attitude, intelligence, energy and values to do what you systematized.

Seven, realize that regardless of your company’s size, financials or how much recognition it gets, you are a success. It’s all about the journey.


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