The One Nut Guy In “The Kardashians”

A battle rages in every entrepreneur’s mind. It’s not good versus evil. It’s “I can” versus “I can’t.” At the end there can only be one winner. The enemy’s name? We like to call him The One Nut Guy. He appears when you least expect him, and in this episode he wants to get his fill of The Kardashians. . .


10 thoughts on “The One Nut Guy In “The Kardashians””

  1. Genius-guessing he only eats one egg?
    Mike you’re rocking it-and so is The Pumpkin Plan!!!!
    I’d say your inner critic makes my stomach turn with that voice-ew!

  2. Hi, Mike,

    You really have a gift for making things to learn so much fun and you do it in such an engaging way.  I always look forward to anything you send me.
    thanks for you do!

    1. Karen – Thank you for the kind comment.  I really appreciate you checking out the video. I think we all have that inner critic, that mind battle, that holds us back.

      I am curious, what business are you in?

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