The Pumpkin Plan Video Contest

Make a video revealing your own inner critic, post it on YouTube, and you can win the “Inner Circle Dinner” and other awesomely cool prizes. Here are the details. . .

The Prizes

1. The Inner Circle Dinner (One Grand Prize Winner) – One grand prize winner will join Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan, and the circle of influential people he works with, including his business coach, his investment partner (an angel investor), his biggest sponsor, his editor (Penguin Books), his marketing agency (the crazy smart mind behind Mike’s marketing), his ghostwriter, his tv agent, his literary agent, and a very, very special surprise guest.  No one else will attend, just the contest’s grand winner (you), Mike and the "inner circle." You’ll eat well, drink wine and make connections that can change an entrepreneurs life (all on Mike’s dime).\

2. 1-on-1 Consultation (Two Runner-Ups Winners) – Two runner ups (2nd and 3rd place) will get a free 1-on-1 one hour consultation with Mike Michalowicz.  You can come to the New York City area to meet up face to face, or you can have the consultation via Skype or phone.  The entire time will be focused on taking your business to the next level and discussing anything you want!.

3. A Free Copy of The Pumpkin Plan  – Everyone who submits a video (even if it totally sucks butt) will receive a free autographed copy of The Pumpkin Plan.  The only requirement is that you follow the rules outlined below.


Contest Rules

1. Your completed entry is due no later then Midnight May 30, 2012.  

2. Your completed entry includes 1. A video posted to Youtube, and 2. You have emailed your video’s link (URL) to, and 3. You provide your name, company name (if applicable), web link (if applicable) and email address, and 4. you give us permission to use your name and company name. We will not share your email address.

3. Your video must be a total run time of 2 minutes or shorter.

4. At the very end of your video you must put the visible & legible text "The Pumpkin Plan July 5, 2012" and it must be display for at least 3 seconds (or longer).

5. Your completed video must be uploaded to YouTube (this may require you to setup a free YouTube account), other video services (e.g. Vimeo) do not count.

What Happens Once Your Entry Is Submitted. . .

6. Starting June 1st your video will be posted on a blog post on

7. The "promotion phase" of the contest will run from June 1st, 2012 to July 3rd, 2012.

8. A single grand prize winner and two runner up winners will be deteremined on July 4th, 2012 (exclusive prizes listed above – there are no substitutions).

9. All participants with completed entries will receive a free hardcover, autographed copy of The Pumpkin Plan.

10. Winners will be determined based upon the following parameters:

a. 25% of the decision will be determined by the number of Facebook "likes"  your video gets on

b. 25% of the decision will be determined by by the number of Twitter "tweets" your video gets on

c. 25% of the decision will be determined by the number of views your video gets on YouTube (between June 1st and July 3rd).

d. 25% of the decision will be determined by a "best video" vote by Mike and his "inner circle" team.

That’s it.  It’s simple!  So have fun, spread the word, and we are wishing you the best of luck.  And don’t forget. . . no matter what you are at least going to win a free hardcover copy of The Pumpkin Plan.

Watch The One Nut Guy Video




16 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Plan Video Contest”

  1. Wow Mike it sucks to be you!  I hope that car ride got better!
    As for the contest…Game On!  You will be meeting my inner critic who is much better
    looking I have to say…very soon! 
    Here’s to pumpkins!

  2. Sorry about the confusion in the video with the 25%, 25% and 25%.  It is 25% for Facebook, and 25% for Twitter.  Then 25% on views, and 25% on the “inner circle” vote.

  3. I’m going for Titantic meets Avatar meets driving miss daisy  with a pee-wee herman twist….The problem I’m facing is that I have no idea what I just wrote…KIDDING…My inner voice and fiance are yelling at me to get started, but to wait….ugghhh

    1. Yes. It is open to any one in the world.  No matter who wins, you simply need to cover your own travel expenses if you want to come to the dinner.

      Everyone will get a book mailed to them (any where on the world) – on me!

  4. Awesome contest idea Mike!

    It’ll be very interesting to see if all our “one nut guys” are feeding us all similar lines. I identified with a couple things he said to you in your car in the other video.

    I caught wind of this a little late, but I’ll see if I can put something together!

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