The Ultimate Sales Close

It’s that pivotal moment. The client is just a few perfect words away from the sale. What do you say? What will make sure they write out that check?

How about saying, “You are free to proceed anyway you like.”

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it.  It doesn’t sound like the ultimate sales close. It sounds more like the ultimate sales un-close. But that is why it works so well. By freeing up your prospect to make their own decision, they feel that they are not being cornered or pressured. They are in a much more comfortable position and with the freedom of choice will buy more confidently.

Researchers say that this closing technique not only increases close rates, it also eradicates buyers remorse.

So when it comes to getting more sales, this closing phrase is one of the best. And when it comes to keeping clients for life, this technique is the ultimate closer.


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