Use Current Pictures Of Yourself On Your Website

Mike Michalowicz - Author of The Pumpkin Plan

The Glory Day Pic

If that picture from 25 years ago, when you looked “amazing,” doesn’t work in landing a trusting long term relationship on, why would anyone in their right mind post a picture of themselves from 25 years ago on their business website?


Pictorial Misrepresentation

Way too many owners, entrepreneurs, authors, gurus, experts, management teams, anybody, everybody, post old “great” pictures of themselves on their sites. If you post old photos, customer won’t recognize you when they meet you. The real you, the you today, is nothing like that glory day photo you posted. I mean, how else are you misrepresenting yourself?


Build Trust With Current Photos

Use current photos on your website. It builds trust and confidence. Glory days photos do the exact opposite.


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