Use Your Customers Existing Habits To Get What You Want

In this video, Mike Michalowicz shares two techniques for getting customers to do what you want simply by leveraging their existing habits. You will learn how to reduce customer shop lifting and how to keep bathrooms clean. The possibilities are endless. . .




9 thoughts on “Use Your Customers Existing Habits To Get What You Want”

      1. LOL. No 😉 But sometimes a little boy who likes to “sneak” time on the playstation when he’s not supposed to be on it, or not brushing his teeth when he says he did, etc. Would be fun to see what would change with a ton of mirrors around 😉

  1. Love your videos Mike. Thanks. Wondering why you added canned laughter and applause? I think you are just as funny without it.

  2. Excellent stuff. I’m wondering how I can use this in an office setting. I might put a mirror right in front of someones desk so once they start slacking they’ll look up, feel guilty and proceed with their tasks. Not sure how well that’ll go so I’ll just say it would in theory.

    In all seriousness great video. We don’t tend to think about things this way but it’s so true.

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