What to Give Your Clients in this Season of Giving


Not everyone is a super shopper, especially me, and super-especially when it comes to great gift ideas for clients. Some of us need months to come up with the perfect gift for people we know and love. So what happens when we need a last minute gift idea to say, “Thanks!” or “I appreciate your business” to that special client? We totally freak. Unless you have this “Client Gift-Giving Guide,” which I am so sharing with you. Check it out, you are minutes away from getting your client the perfect gift:

1. Business Books – Your clients are in business too. And nothing has the shelf life of a business book. Give them a hardcover book (digital copies don’t sit on shelves) and inscribe it with your words of appreciation, your signature and phone number. Every time they see the book, they will think of you. Every time they read it, they will be reminded of you They get smarter, you get remembered. It is a win all around!!!

2. What food is your state famous for? Virginia has hams and Georgia has, among other things, boiled peanuts and their famous peaches. Wisconsin is a dairy state with fabulous cheeses to choose from. Maine? How about maple syrup or candy? Whatever your state is famous for is something worth sending, along with a note about why it’s famous.  This is particularly nice for your clients that are out of state.

3. Seasonal Candies. Write, or print out, a little note with the story behind candy canes, or just “Happy holidays.” During the holidays carry a pocket full of mini candy canes and hand them out freely. Find unusual flavors and colors so you’re not mimicking everyone else.

4. Global Gardens. Is your client a foodie? Consider giving them a gift that comes four times a year. For $225/year including shipping ($200 in CA.) your client will receive fresh, extra virgin olive oil, a fruit infused balsamic or champagne vinegar and two additional gourmet food items from Global Gardens. They customize the message that goes in the box each season for no additional charge! There are also fresh fruit, meat and other food companies that do the same, for prices ranging from $25 and up.

5. Naumes Gourmet Fruit Box. These fruit boxes are brimming with delicious, premium pears (or so I hear, I have never sampled it. Hint. Hint). For every gift purchased, the Naumes family will match it with a donation of fresh fruit to food banks. That’s 20 servings of fresh fruit!

6. Gift Baskets.  Gift baskets can be ideal when sending it to a client’s office, so the entire team can dig into the goodies.  You can call one of dozens of gift basket places, or you can pick from pretty darn good selection on Amazon.

7. Wall & Freestanding Calendars.  You can send your client those 12 revealing nude photos of you in calendar form. Or maybe you can class it up with a well place bow for each shot.  In fact you can personalize these freestanding calendars any way you want.  Personally, I suggest no nudes..

8. Aluminum Photos.  Preserve a photo from weather and time by having them infused, not just printed, on aluminum. Get the look of paper with the durability of aluminum.  How about that amazing photo of you and your client on the golf course (you know the time they happened to beat you by one stroke, and you picked up the dinner tab).  Now that is something they will hold on to for years.

9. Leatherman Multi-tool.  Everyone needs one!  The Leatherman 830039 blends the functionality of up to 34 full-sized tools with a universal design that makes it easy to use for almost anyone (male or female or other).  These things are super handy, and your client will think of you every time they use it. Sweet!

10. Cap Saver. Does your client like to wear a baseball cap? Now you can be their hero with this little handy gift that will make sure their cap never blows off into the water, onto the road, into a ditch or any of those nasty situations.  For a five spot your gift will save your clients $10, $20 or $30 investment in their lid.

11. Cocoon Electronics Organizer. This organizer is a universal, elastic organization system that gives customized digital device and personal item storage. It uses a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands to help your client protect and organize electronics like you Netbook, iPods, iPhones, BlackBerry’s, cameras, mobile phones, and more.  They will love you every time they travel.  Which, by the way, is all the time.

12. Gym Memberships. Most gyms have gift certificates, or will allow you to give or extend the gift of fitness for one, two or three months. If you know someone who has been talking about joining a gym, but hasn’t pulled the trigger and actually done it, this is a great motivator.

13. Stress Relief CD. Let your client release all their stress (none that came from dealing with you, of course) by listening to the stress releasing melodies they hear at their favorite spa. That is of course assuming they don’t own a spa and hear this stuff all the time. In that case, this would drive them nuts.

14. An Unlimited Number of Books.  BookSwim is the Netflix for books. They offer newly released hardcover and paperback titles from The New York Times Best Seller List and Oprah’s Book Club.  The only thing that kinda sucks about this place is that they don’t carry The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur or The Pumpkin Plan. WTF?

15. Job Hunter Gift Certificates. This is the perfect gift for when your client lays off a key staffer with whom you want to stay connected for future business opportunities. Give a gift certificate for a professional wardrobe make over, a visit to the hair salon or a gift certificate for professional resume help!

16. Giftcard-fest. Go paperless with your gift giving. GiftZip.com provides immediate and free access to hundreds of retailers’ emailable gift cards. From an HR standpoint, GiftZip.com cuts down the costs associated with buying plastic cards, eliminates the need to hold a burdensome inventory, and allows instantaneous incentivizing via email.

17. Personalized bookmarks. Handmade jewelry book marks for people who love books, literary agents, publishing house publicists, bookstores and book club presidents and of course readers. You can add charms and other items with special meaning. You can find a craftsman on etsy.com.

18. Screaming Pillow. When your client needs to vent, the Screaming Pillow provides a place to let it out. Attached is a tag with instructions – 1. Focus on the source of your frustration 2. Muster up all the emotion you can 3. Place face in pillow and SCREAM!

19. Charity Gift Cards.  Charity gift cards work like merchant gift cards but instead of buying things at a store, the recipient goes on-line to choose a charity they like from over 150 well-known charities.

20. Film Movement’s DVD Club.  Film Movement delivers one premiere foreign or independent film straight from the world’s top festivals to your door every month. Three-month memberships cost $35.99 and bring you 3 award-winning films.  If your client like movies, they will love you for this.

21. A Few Rolls Of Quarters. That’s right a roll of quarters.  Whether you’re at the Pinball Museum in Las Vegas, or in a town with a video game arena, give quarters. Yes, give your client’s rolls of quarters or tokens and point them and their kids towards the nearest arcade or slot machine.  Plus you can include a nice tumbler glass and a case of beer and they can play quarters.

22. Comfort Living.  Comfort Living – A Back-to-Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle ($19.95) is a must-have for any client who works in the environment, real estate, design, health/wellness, and hospitality industries.

23. Their Own Concierge. Help your client sidestep the usual holiday craze by giving them the gift of time – a personal assistant.  Yes there are gift certificates for personal assistants. It blew my mind too.

24. For The Client Selling Their House. EcoJoe is a fun ice breaker for Realtor.   These little eco-friendly statues are the “perfect” home selling tool. (St Joseph statues are commonly used in real estate when people are desperate to sell their houses.)

25. Foldable Shoes and Rollable Boots. CitySlips foldable ballet flats allow girls and women to carry portable back-up footwear easily and conveniently. CitySlips also makes rollable boots, which are perfect for getting around town on a rainy day.

26. Send A Net. Save A Life.  On behalf of your client, send a bed net to a family in Africa—where every thirty seconds a child dies from malaria. It’s simple. For just $10, you can send a net and save a life. 100% of your contribution goes directly to purchasing bed nets, distributing them, and educating communities on how to use them.

27. I Read About You In The Stars! How about buying that client of yours a place in a galaxy far, far away? Immortalize them or their company with their very own star. After all, we all want our name up in lights!  Why not make it your client’s name?

28. Beer Soap.  Luxurious handmade soap. Beer drinkers will love Sammy Boy because it’s made with Samuel Adams beer. And what guy on this planet can’t start off the morning with some good beer soap?

29. Books They Can Listen To. Give the gift of books. If you have no idea what books your client will like, give them the gift of audio books or books on tape.

30. Clients’ Favorite Publications. Give your client’s a monthly subscription to a relevant publication in their industry. It’s relatively inexpensive. The tip is to know your clients well – what they like, don’t like, and what they need to know. Don’t be shy about magazines related to their hobbies or personal interests as well.

31. For Travelers Who Love Wine.  An annual gold membership of Wine Travel Guides is the ideal gift for the traveler who dreams of visiting the fine wine regions of Europe. The 50+ PDF Travel guides to the wine regions of France, Italy (Tuscany) and Spain (Rioja), give independent, insider tips of wineries to visit, places to stay, eat and shop, and much more, written by top wine and travel authors.

32. A Chef’s Coat.  Get a batch of custom chef coats made up with your company logo and your clients name.  Every time they cook up that famous meal of yours, your client’s friends won’t be talk about the food, they will be talking about your amazing chef coat.

33. Animal Rescue.  Donate to a rescue shelter near you on behalf of your client, or to Elayne Boosler’s Tails of Joy Animal Rescue.  And if you are a fan of animals, adopt an adult pet.  We got our two year old pointer mix at a rescue shelter and love her to death.

34. Custom Unique T-shirts. How about a custom t-shirt made with 100% Swarovski Crystals? Prices for women begin at $49.99… and men, well that’s just embarassing.

35. The Daughter-in-Law Rules!  This one is a little dicey, so be careful. But, if your client is a daughter in law, she may want to consider this read.  Whether you’re at the beginning of your marriage or you’ve spent years trying to make peace with your mother-in-law, The Daughter-in-Law Rules provides a revolutionary set of strategies, making copasetic coexistence possible at last!

36. Canvas Photo Print. Step 1. Ask your client what their favorite photo is. Step 2. Get it printed in huge proportions on canvas. Step 3. Have them love you forever.  If you can’t find a picture that they like, you can always get one of me printed up and have them put in on their ceiling above their bed.

37. Give The Gift Of Safety. Emergency essentials that clients need to keep their colleagues (or family) safe for the first 72 hours of a disaster or other emergency, whether in the office or their home. GivingPreparedness.com offers emergency preparedness gift boxes for home, auto and office.

38.  Chocolate Chip Cookies. It is the perfect gift for any occasion (unless you are celebrating your client’s recent weight loss).   You can bake and wrap them yourself or order them from a fab company like who will give back to a choice of charities.  My personal favorite? Fatboy’s Cookies. Delicious and not nutritious… but worth it!

39. Terrific Tumblers Bring Cheer!  Tervis tumblers are insulating drinkware that keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold, but it won’t sweat – pair it with a travel lid and it is virtually spill-proof.  And if you are desperate you can use it to play quarters (refer to tip 21 if you don’t know what I am talking about. And yes, 21 is the drinking age. Smart, right?)

40. A Gummy Kind Of Gift. A quick, easy gift destined to stay on an exec’s desk (especially those with a sweet tooth) is a gumball bank. Attach an extra bag of gumballs and add your logo and a custom tag. Personalize your message to your service. This is one gift you’ll still find on the desk when you visit a client or prospect’s office months after the holiday season.

41. A Little Heat Therapy For All!  Corn Bag Critters can help ease the pain from arthritis, earaches, cramps, muscle pain, stress, knee pain, sinus pressure, neck pain and the list can go on and on!  Not that you should imply that you know this about your client, but if you do this could be the perfect gift idea for your client.

42. Expo Markers. Talk about practical. . . you may want to give your client a mix of markers.  There are dozen of uses, and the next time you go to their office to do a presentation you will clickable.

43. Old Fashion Gum.  For that sweet tooth client of yours. . . Glee gum is a natural, gluten-free gum with no artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners nor preservatives. It’s the only gum in North America made the old-fashioned way, with chicle, a natural tree sap harvested sustainable from the rainforests of Central America.

44. E-z, Fast, Safe Balloon Kit!  Is your client a party planner? Party hosts generally have limited time (and budgets) to decorate before an event, so this could be the perfect gift. Give them the Yankee Doodle Dandy E-Z Balloon Kit. A fabulous gift for businesses to provide to their clients during the holidays.

45. World Vision Gift. The World Vision Gift Catalog is easy and affordable, with price points beginning under $20. Choose a gift that will benefit others and do so in the name of the client.

46. Perfect Plans Every Time!  Help your client layout their new office.  Solve planning and design dilemmas with easy-to-use magnetic room planners. A perfect way to try out different furniture layouts minus the strain of physically moving the furniture. Design it first then move it. These planners let your client be creative on any home, office or landscape project.

47. Give The Gift Of Pizza! An office pizza party is always appreciated. Employees cut back on dining out at Christmastime and often dart out of the office on their lunch break to do holiday shopping. Coming back to a warm, free pizza is a winner!

48. Business Break At A B&B.  When you’ve got a really special client, send them to a B&B of their choice from BnBFinder.com. The BnBFinder Travel Gift Certificate is the easiest way to finish your holiday shopping and your business clients will return refreshed and ready to take on the New Year.

49. When Nature Calls, We Answer.  If your client is a pet owner (you may be surprised at how many are), what greater luxury is there than a life without poop? DoodyCalls pet waste removal service takes care of the single most unpleasant and time consuming aspect of pet ownership – picking up where pets “drop off.”

50. Give Back To Your Clients.  Sign your client up as a club member in Members Hotel Network.  It is a great gift for your clients because it saves and earns money for their travel. They provide up to 20% off the best available rate on hotels, provide their members cash back for hotel nights stayed, and still allow for franchise/hotel reward programs.

51. A Water Buffalo!  Give a water buffalo, cow, goat or pig. Heifer International has a “pay it forward” concept. Everyone that is blessed with a gift from Heifer has to share that gift with another – when the cow has calves they have to give one away.  Do it in the name of your client!

52. Make A Wish. Beautiful hand made wooden wands that make great inexpensive gifts for “wishing” someone something such as “Wishing you much success in the coming year.”  This is a perfect item for your client to hang on their wall.

53. The World Around Your Neck.  Give your client a 100% organic cotton, fair trade scarf from MotherTongues. The design shows various MotherTongues words from around the world, together with sayings describing community building and mindful living.

54. Genuine Flavor Of New Orleans.  It’s hard to go wrong with gourmet coffees, special holiday blends or coffee essentials. This South Louisiana coffee house has them all.

55. Customized Cool Stickers.  Get your clients custom stickers! You can create custom stickers of any type. For example, you can give the 1,000 stickers that say “Best Client In The World” and they can stick it all over their office. . . and your car.

56. I Love You!!!  Whatever gift you give, make sure you give them a link to this video as a bonus gift and as a genuine act of unconditional love, appreciation and kindness: In fact, for some clients, this could even be the main gift! What better gift than love itself?

57. Scented Candles. Smelly Jelly candles will bring an amazing atmosphere and experience for your clients, customers, and friends! Plus if their office is kinda stinky when you visit, now you will love the fragrance when you arrive.

58. Handbound Journal.  Handmade gifts really make a statement. Not only are they unique – but also supporting another entrepreneur with your gift shows real social awareness! Give handmade journals to your best clients.

59. Expand The Possibilities.  Donate to The Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation for the Artistically Gifted Mentally Ill, or to The Possible Woman Foundation International. Give the gift in the name of your client and help expand the arts and the possibilities.

60. Feed Their Minds.  Give your client an amazing business book.  You know like this one, or that one, or on of the top 100 business books.  And if you really want to be a super star with your client, get them a Kindle.

61. For The Hunter!  Is your client a hunter? Spend about 10 minutes on L.L.Bean and you will find all the gifts you can handle.  Get started here.

62. Invest In Your Client. Show your client you care by investing in their success. Give a gift certificate for virtual assistance to provide them with a solution to the occasional extra help they may need.  You can find someone on elance in seconds.

63. 3 Inches Of Sound. These are perfect for your clients with kids! MOBI Headphones are artistically designed portable 3″ characters with a built in amplified speaker. It’s surprisingly loud and clear sound is what blows most consumers away. There are several different characters to choose from or MOBI can also make special Headphonies for any corporation. Each Headphonies works with any portable gaming device, MP3 players, and most mobile device.

64. Long Live The Oreo. Everyone loves Oreos.  So why not give your client the ultimate Oreo recipe collection?

65. Store-Jot-Point.  A very practical gift for your client is a Pen-shaped USB drive. The pen can point with a laser, store data, and even write!

66. Have A Cookie Day! A simple, inexpensive gift to give clients is to buy some 4″ x 6″ sheer Organza bags (found in most craft/fabric stores) and put one large cookie, either baked or bought, in each bag. Punch a hole in your business card and attach it to the satin drawstring.

67. A New Years Psychic Reading. Everyone gets wine or chocolates for their clients, but how about doing something different? People LOVE readings, whether it is a tarot reading, angel or astrology readings.

68. Grenade Coffee Mug. Since most everyone likes to drink coffee, why not give them a fun coffee mug as a gift. Instead of doing that promotes your business, do one that promotes some laughter.  Ironically they will remember you longer because of that!

69. A Handwritten Thank You Card. The simple classic gift – kind words.

70. A Time Machine. Okay, so not a time machine in like “let’s go check out some dinosaurs” way.  But this executive desk toy is a really cool way of checking the time.  You gotta see this thing!.

71. Book Bouquets.  Book Bouquets include a book along with gourmet foods and goodies in baskets, boxes and mugs. Humorous gifts, serious gifts and custom gifts are all available and shipped anywhere. Everyone loves “something” and there is a book on every “something” so you can find just the right gift for all your business needs. Make your own or find a local company that makes them for you.

72. Personalized Cup For Your Java.  So maybe you didn’t like the coffee grenade (tip 68).  How about doing a personalize mug for them.  Write things on the mug like  “My Favorite Rockin’ Author” (hint. hint.) or “My Twitter Goddess.” You can get these from any promotional items business online.

73. Coffee Warmer! So you did the mug. Good for you.  But what are you going to do for your client when their coffee turns to ice?  Repeat after me. . . I am going to keep it warm. Again! I am going to keep it warm.  Good. They will love you for it.

74. A Custom Video. A great gift for your clients would a short, funny video about how your company operates, how it values its customers, and what the real company culture is. This video should be 5-10 minutes, made by company employees. Frame it as a “From all of us to you” video. This will allow your customers to learn more about your company. Also, it is an inexpensive way to boost customer trust while celebrating the holidays or giving them thanks.

75. Custom Flash Drives. Custom Flash Drives imprinted with your logo are a great gift for your clients, which will keep your Brand name in the mind of your clients every time they use it to transfer their valuable data.

76. Giant Fortune Cookie.  How about a giant fortune cookie? You can order one with the fortune of your choice for your clients, so you have the opportunity to be funny and memorable. It’s cute, far more original than food baskets, and a lot less expensive than electronic equipment.

77. A Cool Wall Clock! Give your favorite client a contemporary wall clock for their office. This is where function meets art (or is it the other way around).

78. The Vibes of Jamaica. Share the Caribbean lifestyle with your client, even if neither of you are from the Caribbean.

79. The Gift The Gives All Year. Create a calendar around a theme each year, always to be at the ready for giving to clients or colleagues. Use stock photos, photos you’ve taken yourself, or used on a client project to personalize the calendar.

80. Sympathy Gifts.  Sometimes giving a gift is not about celebration. When a client is facing a trying time, consider a sympathy gift.

81. Client Stress Relief Magic. Hire a massage therapist to go to your client’s workplace to give seated (fully clothed) massages to their employees or staff.  And now that I think about it I am feeling a little stressed preparing this list for you.  Time for you to send me a gift (hint. hint.).

82. Write Right Away. Building a client base is about building relationships. At this late time in the holiday season, take time out to write a note/e-mail to your client and tell him/her how you really appreciate the business–because you really, really do! Right!

83. Lottery Tickets! Give your client a lottery ticket (it only costs you a buck) and they just may be the lucky winner.  It is a novel way to be unique on the cheap.

84. Cooking Class. Why not give a gift that you can experience with your client and spouses.  Cooking class is a great way to have fun together, enjoy a meal together, and have stories that will last a lifetime.

85. Timeless Classics.  Give your client a copy of Poor Richard’s Almanac, or a book of poetry, or perhaps a popular photo collection such as one the popular coffee table books from National Geographic.

86. Deliver Inspiration.  Simple Truths is a great website that showcases creativity in leadership, sales, customer service, management as well as inspirational. These easy read books many of which have short DVD’s allow you to demonstrate your creativity through the efforts of others. These book make great very affordable gifts (under $20).

87. Give Them Your Time. Give your client some of your time as a gift. Share your expertise for no charge. You can come up with creative names, I’m sure, depending on your own or your company name. “Time with Tim” or “Gift of Gab with Gabby” or “Moments for Momentum” – play with it. Make it clear what you are sharing – and make it clear what you’re not giving them, i.e., one more plant, coaster set, desk clutterer, etc.

88. The Big Year. Do something for your client to help them grow this year. If you’ve been working with a client for a while, you should have a pretty good idea what one of their big stumbling blocks is or where the bottleneck in their process is. If article marketing or product creation is what’s holding them up, hire a ghostwriter for them etc.  Getting them past that big road block, could make this year the big one for them.  That is an amazing gift!

89. Gifts To Go. Gift baskets are great. You don’t have to drop $100 or $200 dollars on one made in a store. Pick a theme and create your own, filling it with items you know your client will love!

90. A Gift With A Sense Of Humor. Don’t be all work and no play. Give a gift with a sense of humor. If you’ve been working with your client for a while, hopefully you’ve taken some notes about his/her preferences. Loves dogs? Get a funny dog calendar for the year or a book with silly dog quotes. Is she a chocoholic? Find a notepad that shows reasons why chocolate is the perfect food. Yes, a candle or ornament is appreciated, but a gift that is personal and makes me smile (or laugh) really stands out!

91. A Touch Of Tech And Creativity. Buy a digital picture frame and upload photos of your client’s hometown or favorite destination. Examples are pictures of famous attractions in Rome or exotic beach photos. It definitely adds a personal touch and your client will think of you every time they look at it on their desk.

92. Handmade Gift.  Make a gift on your own.  The effort is what matters, even if you are all thumbs.  Everyone values a heartfelt gift.

93. Custom Stationary.  If your client is small and doesn’t have professional stationary, this could be the perfect gift.   Decent packages are around $300.

94. The Meeting Cost Calculator? Help your clients end the brutally long (and expensive) business meetings. Give them TIM! is a time management tool prominently displays the total cost of everyone’s time that ticks by. When people understand the cost, your discussion becomes brief, topical, and productive. Start running effective business meetings with the Bring TIM!Meeting Cost Calculator & Clock.

95. Quality Back Scratchers! Show clients that “You’ve got their backs” with a high quality back scratcher. Available in wood, metal and plastic designs including exotic woods like rosewood and teak – even USA hand made hardwood models with handles that can be laser engraved with your promotional message!

96. A Family Vacation. Personal relationships are more important than business relationships. If you can connect to your client in more profound way than merely just business, this will have a very good effect, consider gifting family vacation to your client. Use a time-share, rent a house for them at the beach, or send them tickets to Disneyland for the whole family.  This can be one of the greatest gifts you ever give.

97. Frame Their Name. Write down the name of your client and make sure you have it spelled right. Using your inventive imagination to turn their name into a poem, positive message, or inspiring story. Type it up and add fonts with a border so that your new craft fills up one 8 x 11 page. Spell check your new gift then print it, frame it and present it to them.

98. LiquaLights. Help your clients never loose their booze.  These drink nightlights color code your drink so it will never get lost at a party.  I think they call that alcohol abuse.

99. Reusable Water Bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated, and getting your clients a reusable water bottle for a last minute holiday gift is a great way to keep them healthy. Customized water bottles are available too.

100. DIY Websites.  If a client is kick starting a new business, a professional website could make the perfect free gift. They will be grateful for the professional presence you give them.

101. Wallets For Wallet Haters.  Does your client hate wallets but has the need?  Jimi wallet is a compact, water resistant, and translucent take on the stodgy old wallet. Pocket Jimi products are recycled and recyclable, Massachusetts-made, and they invest 1% of their revenue in the environment.

102. Fun Key Finder –  Does your client lose her keys constantly?  The FunKeyFinder, a simple solution for the person who needs help to access keys quickly and easily.

103. Give A Photo Workshop. If it’s a really good client, consider giving them a gift certificate to a photo workshop. Most people get inspired by creative juices, and a photo workshop, if it’s the right one, can give the client so much more than making better photographs. They can end up looking at the world differently, listening better, gaining a new vision, and thinking creatively. This can last long after the workshop is over.

104. In Vino Veritas! A wine chiller can never be a bad gift.  They will love you for it. Hiccup. Hiccup.

105. A Cool Mouse!  Here’s the deal: Your client spends at least 40 hours every week in front of their computer.  So why not gift them a cool looking mouse so they think of you all the time.  You can even get one personalized. . . perhaps it could be a picture of your face. . . staring at them. . . 40 hours a week.  Happy clicking!

106. Off The Streets. You can get a cool gift for your client while helping elevate severely impoverished men and women.  Streetwise has a list of vendors who are using entrepreneurship to fight their way off the streets.

107. Lunch. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  I believe this is true for any client.  A nice lunch out while enjoying some time with you, perhaps is one of the best gifts you can give.  Oh, and try to keep the business talk to a minimum.  This is a gift after all.

108. Buy A Gift For Their Cause. Reach a client in a meaningful way by purchasing something for a cause that your client is passionate about. Selecting books for someone who supports a community literacy campaign, tools for a client who volunteers with Habitat of Humanity and toys for children of mothers who are fighting breast cancer are great ways to connect with someone.  Do what speaks to both your client’s heart and yours.

109. Help Them Make A Decision!  Is your client buried in constant decision making. Then this novel gift may be perfect for them: the Woodgroove Answer Block.  It is a fun way to take the guesswork out of those perplexing business or personal questions they face on a daily basis. You can also personalize it with six witty possible answers . . . like “Hire Mike Michalowicz!” on all six sides.

110. Nurse In A Box. The most creative, last minute gift I have heard of anyone giving is a “Nurse in a Box.” When your client is helping take care of another family members health issue, this can be a life saver. Literally. As always, be very careful when gifting something so personal.

111. Luggage.  Every one travels.  Maybe your client drives to grandma’s every so often, or flies around the globe every other week.  No matter who your client is, they travel and that means they need to pack.  There is nothing handier than a great suitcase that is well suited (no pun intended) for short trips.


So maybe you found something on this list that you think is a perfect gift idea for your client.  Before you make the big (or not so big) purchase, consider these final few gift giving tips:

1. When giving a business gift consider the recipient. Tailor the gift to the person as much as possible.

2. Don’t give anything that might be misconstrued, like a diet book to someone heavy, or a bottle of wine to the guy in accounting who got his first DUI last week. In other words, know as much about the person as possible before selecting a gift and make it appropriate.

3. Don’t give anything that might carry sexual connotations or that might be misunderstood to be a romantic gesture.

4. If you totally don’t know the person, try to remember items they had in their office. Are they a sports fan? Do they collect stuff? Do they like sports, tools, or tech stuff?

5. If all else fails, call their assistant and ask what their interests are. At least it shows you care enough to dig!

Wishing you some happy gift giving. And be sure to share your gift ideas below.  I have a sneaky suspicion their may be more than 111 gift ideas out there.




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