Which Endorsements Should I Use For The Pumpkin Plan?


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    1. Have you considered Christine Comaford? AND … Won’t you Also be putting others in the Front of the book and on the jacket flaps?

      1. Hey Jim – Thanks for that idea.  No other endorsements on the book itself. But yes… they will be on the website for sure!

  1. I look forward to reading ‘The Pumpkin Plan’ just from the endorsements I am sure I will gain much needed guidance!

    Missy Germain

  2. As a reader I want to know: “Does this book give me step-by-step instructions? Is it a monologue of funny stories? Will it help me start, or further my business?” We know YOU, but we don’t know these people really. I want a mini-review of the book, like: “Who knew pumpkinhead was such a misnomer? Only Mike could wring a how-to, step-by-step, here’s something you didn’t know business book out of a pumpkin and call it a plan. And he did.” 

      1. Feel free to use it if you want… 😉

        Becky Blanton, TED Global speaker, author, ghostwriter, entrepreneur….

        1. Wow!  Thank you.  I need to send you a copy of the book first of course.  The advance copies are literally all gone (except for one that I struggled to hold on to). So when the print copies come out I will get one emailed to you for your honest review and (if you still feel appropriate) your endorsement.

          1. Mike, I love what you write and all you do. I have for awhile! That’s why I promote you every chance I get!! So I’m sure the endorsement will remain the same, but yes! Look forward to the book when you get it.

            Becky Blanton
            37 Burns Plaza #7
            Palmyra, VA 22963

            I just finished my first novel so I know what it means t struggle to hang on to that last copy! No worries!


    1. Thank you Johanna!!!!  I am flattered and humbled to hear that. I really feel (know) that this is my life’s purpose… to inspire and educate people in entrepreneurship. I hope I deliver it in the new book.

  3. Mike – I so need to read this book NOW! I can’t wait for the launch. I already feel years behind. I know this is going to be an amazing journey! Thanks!

    1. FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am really excited about this book and can’t wait for you to read it. While I am truly proud of TPE, The Pumpkin Plan is a better read.  I really paid attention to flow and story telling in the new book.  I feel it contains a really cool new strategy and that it reads better then TPE.  Obviously, you be the judge.  I can’t wait for you to read it!!!!!

  4. As notable as they may be, with the exception of two endorsers, everyone is a “consultant” or another author,

    Mike, I would rather hear the opinions of other entreprenuers about your book that have been there, done it, like yourself.

    1. Thanks Andy!  Let me ask you this… if the endorsements from business owners were on the website (I am setting up a website for the book), would that be good?  It is hard (but not impossible) to get my publisher to change the endorsements away from “celebrities”.  But maybe it is worth the fight, so to speak.

      1. No, you need the well-known names for endorsements. No one’s gonna buy your book because I said it was great. (I wish!!) But, if Rieva and Guy say it’s great…..we listen. Testimonials from actual users of your methods(business owners) have their own place.

  5. Well all the opinions are good enough but some of them hitting hard,arouse definite interest rather direct/push to grab the copy without wasting a single minute.

    1. I guess that is the idea after all. To get get the testimonials that are the most credible and people trust… and ofcourse, encourages them to open the book and determine for themselves.

  6. In my opinion they are pretty good endorsements. But the only one I wouldn’t use is the one with 1 (800) got junk. I know that is the name of his company,but  It’s just doesn’t sound right on someones book. 

  7.   Mike,
         When I read endorsements on the book jacket and or inside I look for a number of things. They must tie together title and contents , ringing endorsement from someone else in field , a meaningful someone having used and benifited from said book content and, not always present- a shoot the moon reinnasaince human who is noticibly above the fray and believes the work is not mearly a rehash of old tired conceps but innovative and refreashing and willing to go the extra mile to say so A shoot the mooner will usurp all others, even if you do include Joe the Plumber!’ The second edition can always encorporate others who have endorsed ideas in book to person, Amazon or where ever. Good Luck! I’m buying the book so I’ll let you know.

  8. Having endorsements from successful business owners/managers who are totally independent from you would be a plus. Those who have successfully grown a company but can look at your principles and say, “That’s it! This stuff works! Wish I had known some of this when I was starting my own business!”.

  9. Hi Mike,

    I would want to know who your target market (or ideal book buyer) is before choosing the testimonials. As a sales letter copywriter, I solicit and edit a LOT of testimonials for clients. And here’s my process:

    1. Understand my ideal buyer’s top 5 “pain points.” Who is this person, and what keeps them up at night?
    2. Understand specifically how my client’s product (i.e., your book) makes those pains vanish.
    3. Ask reviewers to comment specifically on one of my ideal buyer’s pain points and how effectively the book addresses the pain point.
    4. Choose testimonials that mention either a specific pain point (to build credibility with the ideal buyer) or a specific “pain cure” (to generate a desire to buy the book).
    5. If I have more testimonials than space, then (in order of priority) I choose testimonials that A) cover both a specific pain point and how your book makes it go away; or B) I choose a testimonial to cover each of my top 5 different pain points.

    I assume that your ideal buyer is an entrepreneur. I’m an entrepreneur, and I’m crazy busy and frequently find myself caught up in stuff that doesn’t matter, so this testimonial spoke to me:

    “If you’re crazy busy, stop wasting time doing work that doesn’t matter.
    When you read The Pumpkin Plan, you’ll discover exactly what to do to
    nurture the best opportunities for growing your business.” – Jill
    Konrath, author of SNAP Selling & Selling to Big Companies

    The only other one that caught my eye was Bob Burg’s testimonial, but only because I know him personally, and have learned so much from him.

    What’s ironic is that your book is (apparently) about going from generalities to specifics, yet all but one of the reviews were pretty general. Content-free praise isn’t bad (who doesn’t love strokes?) but specific praise that is focused on the needs/desires/wants of your ideal buyer is more effective.

    I hope this helps!

    Kathleen Hanover

  10. If you want my TOP pick, it would be, hands down, Michael Gerber’s.  What a tribute to have him say something like that about your new book.  Not that I wasn’t going to read it anyway, but now I can’t WAIT after seeing Michael’s endorsement!

  11. Hey Mike, while I respect the ideas presented here, an endorsement is like a first impression.  You only get one chance at at it.  I think your website is the way to go as far as endoresements or testimonials from other TPEs or TFMs. One thing I looked at while reading the endorsements was who They Are, not just what was said.  And there is no question there are some heavy hitters in there.  Besides, I am sure they read the pre-released book already so they definitely have to know what they are saying.  With that said, I have picked my top selections.

  12. I had a hard time choosing just 6 – I thought they were all great! In my opinion, you should definitely go with the most recognizable names. When I’m reading reviews I always look to see who wrote it, and if it’s someone “big” that I know, or a writer with a well known publication, I always give the opinion more weight.

  13. Hi Michael,
    You can select Gerbers testimonial or another. I do know that we receive dozens of requests for testimonials each month and Michael reads all these books before he accepts or declines.
    He was extremely excited when he read yours and felt it would SERVE the People! To Your Great Success! Luz Delia Gerber CEO MIchael E. Gerber Companies

  14. Thanks for asking me to help choose.  Love the endorsements from people who have established businesses.  Best endorsements in my book.   It would be great if you get an endorsement from George Fraser he wrote the book Click.  One of my favorite books. 

  15. You’ve put a hidden message in this haven’t you? Getting your existing fans to help you choose your endorsements is a
    really celver way to market your new book. I love learning from seeing your methods in action 😉

  16. HHHmmm I think this thread may be onto something Mike 🙂  On a recent post of yours, you discussed being better is not as good as being different.  How will Mike make his endorsements different 🙂 

  17. Scott Stratten has a great take on his endorsements…. he wrote his own and his explanation is funny 🙂 Unmarketing 🙂

  18. I def agree Mike, using REAL entrepreneurs is much more impressive for the regular Joe Blow entrepreneur. However, I understand that the publishers would prefer celebrities and best-selling authors.  See if you can get them to put the Joe Blows & Joe Blowettes on a couple of pages inside book. If not put them on your website.

    Why yes, I would LOVE to give you an endorsement!!

  19. Very good endorsements. For whatever reason, I am more influenced by the person than the content of the endorsement, unless the endorsement itself reveals ‘hard to fake’ insight, which occasionally is the case. So, I respect John Jansch and Guy Kawasaki, if they are on the back, am likely to buy. But that’s just me. I am not everyone. Everyone is not me.

  20. Mike,

    I reiterate the sentiments already outlined, opinions of other entrepreneurs would be more compelling. Congratulations, looking forward to the read!

  21. I would also like to hear from other entreprenuers like yourself.  The individuals who have actually done it make it so much more real for me because I look for the experience with someone in my situation to relate to.

  22. Mike, I am impressed with the celebrity endorsements, but I agree about possibly including at least one entrepreneur you have helped personally. Perhaps that will be enought to persuade the publisher? I seriously can’t wait to read the book. Definitely keep the endorsements from Guy, Bob Burg, and Michael Gerber.  

    1. Thanks Heather.  I have gotten amazing (absolutely amazing, to be honest) feedback from some entrepreneurs who have gotten the advanced reader. I think the reviews the book gets on Amazon, B&N, etc. will be a million times more important then the endorsements alone.

  23.  Some of the pluggers are familiar, some not. Gotta look into the ones that are not… maybe some buried gems yet to be found. Love the color palette of the blog, big fan of the Orange.  Now I just got to figure out how to get my mug on my avatar.

  24. I think that maybe endorsements from “us” would be better than any of these.  How about an advance copy to review?

    1. I really like the way you think Bob. I have a only a few advance readers.  Literally 3 or 4 (Penguin reserved the rest for media and to give to other authors – for the endorsements).  I need to think of a way to give away the few advance readers that is fair.

  25. Perhaps… perhaps I have received endorsements from these (one or many) of these folks and am holding it back. I can’t say that I have (or haven’t) but perhaps possibly promised this (or these) individuals that I would keep in confidential until the book is released.

  26. It is a no brainer… Michael is absolutely going to be on the cover.  I may even have a little surprise for you. But will wait a little bit before I share it.

  27. It’s interesting to read the feedback and see that many pay such close attention only to  “who” is saying it rather than the content of the endorsement.  One said that they don’t even read the endorsement – just who said it.  Interesting psychology there. I am exactly opposite.  I read the endorsement and NOT who said it.  There was only one that I actually looked at who was saying it and that was only because I was on the fence whether I would include his or not.  I am more interested in getting a quick insight via endorsement in to what the book is about than who said it. I want real.  I want to know if the book will speak to me and my unique situations.  As such, the endorsements that stood out to me most spoke to being successful “in this economy” (don’t we all want to know the secret to that!?) and mentioned an easy to ingest plan (who has time for a complex plan?).  I am actually suspicious of books or products that have only celebrity endorsements. (celebrity endorsements can be bought and often are! – not that I am accusing you of that, of course!)  One of the things I love about you is that you come across as being very real.  That is priceless and too many celebrity endorsements saps that a little bit in my mind.  You celebrate the plight of the TPE and I love that about you.  I would love to see you continue that tradition in this very important piece of your marketing with a combo of celebrity style endorsements and good old fashioned TPEs.  Just my 2 cents…. best wishes to you.  I will definitely be adding the book to my reading list and am looking forward to it very much.

  28. The comments are effective, I can’t wait to read the book. I agree that people will give more weight to remarks from entrepreneurs who have used some of the strategies.

  29. As much as it pains me to admit it, we (Americans) are a celebrity-worshipping culture. Most people no longer read – they skim. They will flip your book over and look for the names they recognize. Have a few celebs on the cover, and it’s likely they’ll buy your book.

    Personally, I would rather hear from companies that benefitted from your advice, but I also take the time to read a bit of any book I am going to buy, and I DON’T worship celebs. If the celeb has proven himself/herself, and I respect them, then I take their opinion/endorsement into consideration. But, if they are just a name to me, then I don’t.

    Congrats on your new book and may it be hugely successful.


  30. I know I am probably a bit too late, however All of the testimonies provided were great but I choose the ones that would best suit my actual needs at the time similar to what Kathleen said. I would also enjoy looking at the thoughts of celebrities as well.

  31. Hey Mike,

    JENN GROOVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just got her book and yours an I am reading them in tandem !!!!
    Are two “TWINS” on a mental plane ?????
    I know your not identical twins, SHE is much prettier, sorry no offense!!
    Just a fact Jack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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