How To Win Business Awards

I used to think winning an award was just a silly thing. More of an ego stroke than anything else.

But the day I won the Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award from the SBA in New Jersey, I had a PR coup that just wouldn’t quit. Every major New Jersey newspaper ran an article, all the local TV news station highlighted me, and the networking… oh the networking… it was amazing. I walked away with the biggest client I ever had, just by winning a “silly” award.

Getting a business award is easier than you think, because most people never bother to try. I would even bet that as you read this, you probably haven’t tried yet either. Are you finally ready to win your first business award? Follow this simple process:

Apply For The Darn Thing

Duh! I mean this is business awards 101. But so many people just never apply. They just think it is going to fall into their laps. It doesn’t. Just like everything else in life you need to work for it. So get on the net, do some research. When you find an award you would like to win, apply for the darn thing.

Make It Obvious

I have judged business award contests and let me tell you first hand, it is hard work. Sorting through pages and pages of applications from hundreds of people is no fun. But it is fun when the submission is easy to navigate, has visual elements and has the most relevant stuff first!

Include What Is Requested

This is another “duh” type comment… for God’s sake include what is requested and in the format requested. Your submission can get nixed for technical reasons. So what, if you are the most qualified, if you don’t follow the rules (and often the judges make the rules) you will get dumped.

Follow Up

Sometimes these contests come down to two or three great candidates. What better way for judges to make a decision, than to pick the person who wants it most. Make it obvious that you want the award and appreciate its significance. Follow-up professionally, and do not pester.


2 thoughts on “How To Win Business Awards”

  1. You don’t even have to win to get the PR boost. I got the NASDAQ product of the year semi finalist award and it has carried me quite far. Just being honored by NASDAQ with a private VC party was a treat in itself. The winner had to have a certain number of outside votes and the company that won had tons of employees that voted.

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