The Worst-Case Scenario Entrepreneurs Survival Guide

If you turn on any news channel, and you will get the constant drivel of worst case scenarios. The news is constantly pumping us with extreme disasters, yet we watch and listen. At our core we know it is total bullshit. And when we finally have had enough – click – we turn it off.

The entrepreneurial “news channel” is the same. But, instead of the old boob-tube, it’s our heads. We are constantly pumping our minds with thoughts of the worst case scenario. And maybe you don’t know it, but I do… it is total bullshit.

There is one striking difference between the news and our heads. The news mostly exaggerates what has ALREADY happened and our heads exaggerates what MIGHT happen. That mind game of what might happen is a dangerous thing and it almost never happens. What if I lose it all? What if I fail? What if it does work, but gets out of control?

If you read this blog expecting all the bullet point solutions to millions of possible worst case scenarios, I am sorry to disappoint you. In fact, you can continue your eternal quest and type your fingers off searching the entire web. I hate to say it but you are never going to find the answer. There is no fix to all those “MIGHT happen” worst case scenarios, you just need to turn off the news feed. In fact all you really can do, scratch that, what you MUST do is just start. Just do it.

The fix is in you, not on the web. Turn OFF the worst case scenario broadcast going on in your head. Stop listening and start doing.


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