You Grow By Saying No

Steve Jobs was once asked what he was most proud of in his career. He didn’t say it was the iPod. He didn’t mention the Mac. He didn’t even hint at Apple, NeXT, iTunes, or Pixar.

He said that he most proud of all the great opportunities he said no to.

Successful entrepreneurs have the discipline of focus. They cater to and focus on their one thing. They protect it. Everything else, no matter how great of an opportunity it may be, is turned away.

You grow by saying no.


4 thoughts on “You Grow By Saying No”

  1. It’s also true with life… which ties directly into business if you’re a small business owner. I give a talk on this. You gotta say “no” to all the little things if you want to get your big “yes.” No to TV, junkfood, toxic people, (pumpkin plan stuff – the wrong clients and services) etc. We all want to say “yes” but “no” is the word that sets us free to achieve our dreams.

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