Your Company Should Mirror Your Soul

Have you ever woken up in the morning, looked in the mirror and said, “Who the f*ck is that?” Have you ever been terrified by the stranger looking back at you in the mirror and run screaming back to bed, only to realize it was you all along. Yeah. Those were the days.

Head-throbbing, morning-after mess aside, mirrors reflect what is really going on in our lives. Our past, present, and future hopes; our mood, our concerns, our passion, our fatal flaws – they’re all reflected back to us when we look in the mirror. And it’s not just our face and body that tells our story. . .

Your company is your soulmate


Human Reflections

The best mirrors are not made of glass, they’re made of flesh and bone. Human beings reflect our true selves back to us; the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.

What you love about your best friend you also love about yourself. We gravitate toward like-minded people with similar traits, and seek out those who embody the characteristics we would like to cultivate. It’s human nature. And it’s human nature to loathe someone who demonstrates what you dislike most about yourself.

Very often when we don’t like something about someone, it’s because they represent a part of ourselves we’d rather not see. If you’re annoyed by a coworker’s bad habit, it’s a safe bet you’re guilty of the same transgressions – and you might not even know it.


My Company, Myself

Another great mirror? Your company. Your business is a reflection of who you are; every problem, every success, and every moment. It’s all you. How’s your cash flow? Are you solid or wasting away? Up or down, your financial health reveals how you deal with life, and how you feel about yourself.

What about your employees? Are they total dicks or fantastic men and women you and your customers can count on? At times I’m at awe at the team we have at Obsidian Launch. Their commitment to the success of our partners makes me proud, and is a sign that I am working with people who are consistent with my goals and values.

What about your physical environment? Is your office a mess, or do you keep it clean and organized? Does your workspace feel open and welcoming or tight and closed off? And it’s not just what’s out front. Do you have a supply closet crammed full of junk? Is your desk harboring obsolete files and several variations of mold? Maybe it’s time to stop blaming the janitor and start looking at what’s going on in you.


Take an Inventory

Self-awareness moves mountains. If you really want to get a handle on the messages from the mirrors in your life, take a quick inventory.

Jot down five people that rub you the wrong way. Write down what it is you don’t like about them. Ask yourself, is this a fear I have about myself? Do I exhibit this trait?
Make a list of five people you admire and respect, the friends, colleagues or family members that you most enjoy spending time with. What traits do you appreciate most about them? Do you embody those same characteristics? Would you like to cultivate them?

Describe your work environment in general terms, such as “clean” or “cluttered,” “boring” or “unique.” Then identify your favorite areas and problem spots. Looking at your notes, how does your workspace reflect your life at this moment?

Now take an inventory of your colleagues and employees, as well as your finances. What does this say about you? What does this say about your company?

Anytime you feel yourself getting annoyed with someone, your work place, or that state of your company, remember this is the universe sending you a reflective image of some aspect of yourself.

So if when you look in the mirror you see a freaky guy with toilet paper on his head staring back at you, think about what this says about you. Or just run like hell.


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