You’re Not An Entrepreneur

If you work your ass to the bone, you’re not an entrepreneur. You own a business that enslaves you.

If you’re constantly attracting different types of clients, you’re not an entrepreneur. You are a yes-man.

If you have to hire people who come with skills they’ve gained elsewhere because you don’t have a system or structure that easily gives it to them, you’re definitely not an entrepreneur. Those people simply control you.

An entrepreneur discovers solutions for problems and then masters every stinkin’ step of solving that same problem over and over again. The output is consistent and predictable. Entrepreneurs avoid the need for people with pre-learned skills, they just require people with the right attitude, energy and intelligence.

Being an entrepreneur is hard not because you need to work crazy hours (you don’t), or because the customer is always right (their not), or because you need to hire Einstein’s (you shouldn’t). Entrepreneurship is hard because it requires tremendous amounts of thought to build a system that avoids all those obstacles.


1 thought on “You’re Not An Entrepreneur”

  1. So much energy, so many great thoughts, such a nice smile – and such lousy grammar. Would you like me to proofread your stuff?
    All the best

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