The Two Words That Determine Your Success In Life

Determine Your Success In Life With I Am 

The words 'I am'

I promise you this: if you have the discipline to implement what I am about to share with you, your life will be transformed. More than just your business life. Every aspect of your life will change. What you are about to learn is the gateway to all forms of achievement. And, ironically, it’s also the cause of all failure. What yields so much power? Two words. Two simple words: I am.

When I became consciously aware of this, I didn’t believe it. How ridiculous, I thought! It’s way too simple. I thought saying the words I am didn’t do anything except state facts. You know, like, “I am tired,” or “I am happy,” or “I am poor,” or “I am rich,” or “I am (anything).” I thought I am wasn’t creating anything for me, it was just a way to state the truth, the facts, the reality. I was wrong. I am doesn’t reflect reality it creates it.


The Cart Before The Horse? (Me Thinks Not)

A horse standing, facing a cart

It sounds like putting the cart before the horse. I mean, if I say “I am a millionaire” and my bank account has minus $67.23 (you know, the good ol’ overdraft) I’m clearly not a millionaire. Therefore I am saying something that I am not. At first blush you would think you need to first achieve it to then, second, believe it.

At second blush, there is way more. . . the believing part comes first. When we truly believe something we act consistently with. So much so, that we subconsciously do everything we can to always achieve what we believe. If we believe we are poor, we more than just look at our over-drafted bank account once to prove it to ourselves, we look at it ten times a day and keep saying to ourselves, “See. I am right. I am poor.”


The Need To Be Right, Always

I'm Right

We all have an insatiable thirst to keep order in our world. When we have order we don’t have any surprise, and that is a damn comforting feeling. If you are always right, you always have order (you know what is coming) and you feel damn comfy.

The desire to feel comfortable (which is one of the ten basic human desires) drives us to always be right. And that means that when we believe something, we force ourselves to take action (including the action of taking no action) to be consistent with what we believe. We first believe it, then we prove ourselves right.

Regardless if our beliefs are good or bad. If our beliefs are benevolent or malevolent. If you believe it you will achieve it. We fight extraordinarily hard to keep shitty relationships, because we believe “I am horrible at relationships.” We go through burning hoops of fire (laced with razor blades) to keep our business struggling, because “I am being crushed by this economy.” We fight like mad dogs to achieve our belief. And if you set a positive belief, you will fight just as hard to manifest it and you will get it just as easily.

The key to achieving anything is in believing it to your core. Saying “I am rich” is not nearly enough. Believing “I am rich” is everything, regardless of what your bank account shows.

So how do you set a new belief, if it isn’t reflected in reality yet? There are seven more words that you need to say. I’ll share those in a second, but first lets talk about fevers and chills.


It’s Your Core Temperature

Core Temperature

I am is more than just a proclamation, it’s your core temperature. I am is the definition of your true self, but it isn’t always constant. It will fluctuate, but it will always return to that core temperature.

Here’s the way to look at it: Your body temperature is 98.6 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit for my European friends. In Celsius, I think it translates to 350 degrees or something. Oh no, wait, maybe that’s the temperature of the sun). Any way, your body’s I am for its temperature is 98.6 degrees. While it regularly fluctuates, it stays around that setting. Occasionally your body has a fever or a chill and your temperature changes dramatically to kill off the disease. Once the disease is beaten, your body returns to it’s I am setting of 98.6 degrees.

If you have an I am statement, for example, saying “I am the best provider of legal services in New York,” you won’t always be. Disease (fluctuation) will occasionally happen. But if you truly believe your I am statement, to your core, your business “temperature” will always return to being the best provider of legal services in New York. Get it? Good!


Size Matters

Huge Ship and Small Boat

Can your I am be too big? The answer is yes and no. What if you said “I am the richest person on the planet?” Is that too big? Yes it is, but only if you don’t believe it to your core. No it’s not too big, it you DO believe it to your core. You belief is everything. It’s the alpha and the omega. It’s the toilet paper and the pumpkin pie (Note: that was a test.  That was a test of my blatant self promotion system.  That concludes the test.).

When you define who you are, through your I am statements, you must say them and feel them constantly. Now don’t get your undies in a bunch and think that it is too hard to say and feel I am constantly. . . you already are. Look at all the the ways you define yourself right now. You are what you have and who you are, right? Everything you have is a result of what you have not only been saying to yourself, but what you have been believing consistently  I am sharing nothing new with you. What may be new, is the realization that you have 100% control over it.

You can’t lie to yourself (you’ll catch yourself every time). So how do you believe something that isn’t a physical reality, yet? The trick to believing any I am statement instantly is by using an additional seven words.


The Other Seven Words

Proving it to the worldYou can change to a new I am statement and believe it immediately (you have to) by adding the words “. . . and I am proving it to the world.”

I mean, if your bank account is zero right now, and you start saying “I am a millionaire” every day to yourself and others. People, including yourself, will think you are crazy. And since you don’t believe you are a millionaire, your bank account will never ever reflect it. But, if you simply add the seven words to the end of your “I am” statement, you will instantly believe it. The new statement would be “I am a millionaire, and I am proving it to the world.” Your bank account will reflect it soon enough.

Notice that the I am statement now has a second I am component that is pointing to the action. By saying you are proving it to the world, you are telling yourself that the current status of your bank account is simply a fever or a chill. You will set out to kill the disease and prove yourself right. You just need to have the discipline of saying and believing your new and improved I am statement all the time.


Tell The World Your I Am

What are your new and improved I am statements? Share them in the comments. And make sure you are proving it to the world!


75 thoughts on “The Two Words That Determine Your Success In Life”

  1. Mike,

    Thank you for an absolutely terrific post, best of the new year and possibly the whole year! Dovetails with a lot I’ve been reading including Dr. Wayne Dyer (bet you didn’t see that coming, LOL.) So glad I shared your Pumpkin Plan with Bob Littel and it is going to be part of his Don’t Read the Book Book Club. Perfect fit as is this.

    Happiest of New Years! I am making a bigger difference and proving it to the world every day. MG

  2. Aha. Very good. Similar to what Michael Losier says in the Law of Attraction: I’m in the process of attracting all that I need to do, know and have to be a multi-millionaire.

    Thanks for always providing us with such incredibly powerful ideas. Full steam ahead in 2013.

    1. Thanks Patricia. I just recently became fully conscious of it. I am in an accountability group that meets 1x a week for an hour. There are 11 of us, and we start off every meeting with our I AM statement.

  3. Mike, Brilliant!!! Thank you for the wisdom and the simplicity of “I AM” followed by required action. I will pass it forward and look forward to reading your books. I am obtaining & loving the joys of life and I am proving it to the world! Larry Lanier

    1. That is a killer great I AM statement Larry. Thanks for checking it out and I am flattered that you will be reading my books. I am wishing you all the best entrepreneurship and life has to offer.

  4. Hi Mike, Thanks for the perfect post to start the year. I am a partner in the coolest website, book publisher and life enhancing project in existance, called Unusual Hotels of the World and I am proving it to the world every day.

  5. So grateful for your posts. You always seem to provide the insight and information I need at just the time I most need to receive it! I am committed to building collaborative and cooperative local communities, and I am proving it every day by buying local, supporting local service providers, and by educating local businesses on how they can thrive by marketing like they mean it!

  6. Great post Mike and a wonderful mindset for starting the new year! For me, I AM making an explosive impact on the small business community by teaching Innovation techniques for growing businesses.

  7. Mike, I have always struggled with affirmations because of how they conflicted with the current reality. Thank you for giving me a better way.

  8. Awesome post, Mike! Starts the New Year off very nicely. *I am* BEST productivity expert to teach business owners and executives how to get more clarity, confidence and control in their work day so they can enjoy more time, freedom, focus and success. How is this accomplished? By teaching my unique, branded system, Taskology™ The Science of Getting Things Done, which is a Productive Day® system that’s simple, logical and easy to use – and *I am* proving it to the world… every… day! 🙂

  9. I am running the top Virtual Assistance and Online Business Management company in the country, providing exemplary services to my clients AND steady work to hardworking, committed, part-time team members whose flexible work schedules enable them to both support their household income and spend the precious before and after school hours with their children. Thanks, Mike! Great statement to start the year with!

  10. I am the most sought after Artist & Custom Greeting Card Designer doing Custom Art Illustrations and One-of-a-Kind Art Cards. I am supporting myself fully and paying off all of my credit card debt with my Art and Designs and am experiencing a freedom, grace and ease that I have not known before. 2013 will be the year that I Pay Myself First and be able to put away and invest in my future. Thank You, Mike!

  11. Some people take several books to get to the point you did so beautifully in one blog post. Thank you!

    I am walking in my God-given greatness and I am proving it to the world.

  12. Great post Mike! I am achieving my goals for my two businesses, Image76 and Tidal Effects, and making 2013 the most successful year yet for both businesses. I am great at delegating work as I transition out of performing day to day tasks and into creating the life style I want.

  13. I am a catalyst who inspires others to greatness, I am unstoppable, and I am proving it to the world, today! Thanks, Mike! 🙂

    1. This really got me thinking about the daily empowering habits I am putting in place to support me in becoming my “I am…” statement. I added onto to “I am …” so that it reads “I am …, so I …” (fill in the blank with daily actions that align with your intention.)

  14. I AM “meaningless without God” AND IM PROVING IT TO THE WORLD. Sorry…I had to throw that out because that is basically what you are saying. Look, I appreciate trying to help people out in business (read both your books)…but when you start “preaching” on how to change your life through positive affirmations, you go too far. Mike, you cannot doing anything apart from God. If you think that lying to yourself is going to make get you money…love…happiness… fulfillment…your wrong. “I AM” is Gods name. Read his word, work as though God himself asked you to do it, give of yourself (time) to others…and you will be happier then you have ever been in your entire life. Pray. Strengthen your relationship your heavenly father and ask for what you “need” in the name of his son…Jesus. THAT…is how you “attract” happiness in your life! 😉 God is sovereign…not you. God bless.

    1. Thanks for sharing these insights. And I absolutely never would for a second believe or feel that i maintain any form of soverignty. Perhaps it was taking out of context. The I AM statement is an affirmation. A way to look at ourselves inwardly.

      1. Mike I thought deeply about your article, and I strongly disagree with the fellow above. I’ve found my life full of examples where I wanted to prove to someone and that made the difference. That made me achieve yhe desired results, but when I believe it isn’t possible, I’ve unconciously found ways to make it fail so I can be in peace (some peace lol). Thanks for bringing it to my conciousness.

          1. Hi Mike,I have read your article and i agree with you, Reaching our full potential from all the opportunities around us, not only in terms of money but all the positiveness of the world.. It’s the same thing with what your doing,your giving us confidence to pursue our dreams,who we really are by inspiring us (readers)of your article. Your beliefs manifest in us. (which i guess is your main objective in writing this.) Since it is for everybody’s self development,and i find nothing wrong with that, I believed GOD uses your talent to inspire million reader like us.

    2. Well look who’s preaching now, Tom.

      There is nothing wrong with positive affirmations. People use negative affirmations all the time, eg. “I’ll never pass that exam”, “I’ll never be good enough”, etc. Self-talk is built into our minds so why not use positive affirmations to overcome negative beliefs and thoughts that are holding us back. It’s no different from someone offering you positive encouragement saying “Hey, you can do it”.

      I am astounded how you can link this all back to God. You bring religion into a non-religious topic. Your pseudo-religious rant makes no sense and is totally out of place. You talk as though the words “I AM” can only be used exclusively in reference to God. Seriously?? One thing that really irks me about some fellow Christians is that they can be so self-righteous and judgmental, two un-Christian-like attributes.

    3. Tom, I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. From my experience, the greatest joy comes from fulfilling God’s will, which includes working as though working for God, regardless of where it leads.

  15. Mike,

    YOU ARE A ROCK STAR… And you should believe what iv just said(written)..

    i’v been reading your posts/mails for past 3-4 months and you are simply amazing..

    And Yet another great post..

    God bless and Like you said ROCK IT OUT THIS YEAR!

  16. My Grandma used to always say, “Never be too lazy to make yourself more comfortable!” That applies here I think even though I always just think of her when I’m cold and need another blanket. I could say, I am not lazy and I am proving it to the world!

    Great post Mike. Thanks!

  17. Mike, you have unlocked my 2013. am joining a new job n now u have opend my insights for it! thanks…I am the security manager..and am proving ti to the world!

  18. today is one of those blessed day’s. I really needed to read this fantastic article. I have received an answer to a question that has been bothering me for a couple of months since learning about the law of attraction. The “how do I manifest …” question. I really didn’t expect it to be as simple as using “I am … ” statements.

    1. Thanks Manie. To me it is kinda weird… the most profound and impactful stuff is ultimately so simple.

      I encourage you to say your I AM statement daily. To say it to others. To keep repeating it. It become ingrained in who you are and over time it is forced to become a reality!

  19. Good Morning Mike,

    “I am changing the world by changing my own core values”. The spoken word, especially spoken passionately, is more powerful than we realize. We as individuals cannot usurp the power that created this universe, however, we actually co-create with it, whether we are conscious of the process or not. I am thankful to the people like you, Depak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins and others to include scripture, that have brought myself to that conscious realization. Create well and be great, whatever that means to you.

    1. The spoken word is truly powerful. I repeat my I AM statement over and over every time I go for a run at the gym. Now I am saying it over and over before I go to bed (that is harder than I thought, since my mind drifts). And every Friday I declare to my mastermind group of 11 people.

  20. Thank you Mike! You have given this idea/thought process to me from a different angle…it has been coming at me from a variety of directions recently so I have been working on believing it (and in myself) a lot lately. This is at the heart of my goals for 2013!

  21. Okay, here’s my two cents….although I agree with Tom that I can do nothing apart from God and He is the great “I AM”, I disagree with the view that positive affirmations are worthless. Yes, I pray and want God’s will in my life first and foremost, but being positive, believing in yourself and not accepting negative thoughts is biblical, I believe. Ever read ‘The Power Of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale? A wonderful book by a faithful Christian man. In it he states, “God will not give you any greater blessing than you can believe in. He wants to give you great things, but even He cannot make you take anything greater than you are equipped by faith to receive.” ‘According to your faith be it unto you.’ Matthew 9:29. Joyce Meyer is another great example. We NEED to be positive! I don’t think anyone is saying that you can ‘think’ your way to miracles, for surely I can say that “I AM going to walk into a room and find a million dollars on the table waiting for me”, and we all know that won’t make it so. But if I believe that I am capable of greatness, that my greatest needs and desires can be fulfilled, and that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’, (Philippians 4:13) I don’t think that means I’m not relying on God, but just the opposite….I’m lining my thoughts up with His so I can receive the greatness He has for me. I didn’t take offense by your post Mike, but chose to see the positive and good in it. Thank you for the encouragement.

  22. Pingback: I Am A Failure
  23. Mike, thank you for this post. You’ve summed up in simple words in one article, what has been written in thousands of books.

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