Business Tyranny vs. Business Diplomacy

Being a tyrant doesn’t work, not in the long haul. It doesn’t work in any form. Including tyrant bosses.

Great employees leave. Remaining employees work in fear, and their abilities become capped. Their stress grows. Your stress grows. It’s a losing proposition.

On the other hand, diplomacy brings balance. People feel appreciated (because they are). Great employees expand. The business runs in harmony.

Diplomacy doesn’t mean everyone directs the course of the business. The leader does. It means that every voice is heard. Diplomacy is the ultimate form of group negotiation.

My favorite definition of the ultimate diplomat? When you can tell someone to go to hell, and have them thrilled about the ride.

Be diplomatic. It will serve your business well.


4 thoughts on “Business Tyranny vs. Business Diplomacy”

  1. Good points, Mike. I’d also add that employees like a decisive boss. A boss who hears every voice, but then doesn’t make a decision creates an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

  2. The best bosses I ever had were the ones where I felt I worked with them, not for them. One little word makes a world of difference.

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