Complexity Is A Shortcut

Complexity is a shortcut.  The simple solution is almost always harder to find.  So we take the easy path. . . the complex one.

Complexity comes about when you can’t solve a problem in one fell swoop.  Complexity is a stacking of partial solutions.   Resulting in a acceptable, but not perfect fix.

Complexity is not reliable.  There are too many moving parts.

Complexity is almost always easier to do than simplicity.  So, we avoid the pain, time and effort required to find simplicity and just make it complex.

Complexity is a shortcut.  Don’t stand for it.


2 thoughts on “Complexity Is A Shortcut”

  1. Simple solutions are not only harder, they are very hard to find… I have seen it in theoretical mathematics. In many cases you can craft complex solution through several years. But the simplest ones often require many decades to find — or just a genius with awesome idea. As far as I can see, other fields are similar.

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