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A while back, I received an email from two awesome entrepreneurs in Florida, Jorge and Jose from I have had the privilege to know these guys for a few years now, and their business is kicking butt.

Any who… Jorge dropped me a note that I thought would trigger some ideas for your own business. Here is his note:

Today I got a box from one of my customers and it had a bright green note inside that brought a BIG SMILE to my face.

I think that this is a really cool tip to share with other entrepreneurs that have eCommerce and Mail Order Businesses.

Being in the Loop

When it comes to keeping your customers informed about changes you’re making in your everyday business operations, you should be doing the same. It can be a simple explanation to clients about what you are doing. This note that Jorge received is an excellent example of that. I presume, the company went with the current “going green” trend as a way to justify keeping costs down. And they did it in a way that makes customers smile. You need to understand that we (consumers) will ALWAYS come to a conclusion as to why something is the way it is. The only question is will the consumer come to this conclusion on their own volition… or with your guidance.

Leaving a Good Impression

If the package Jorge received didn’t have this note, he probably would have thought their business is struggling, or maybe that they are just forwarding their packages to their customers from another company, or come to some other conclusion.

The thing is, if Jorge notices the box, his mind will automatically come up with an explanation as to why things are changing, good or bad. The problem is, without guidance, his mind’s explanation will usually be wrong, and that could be damaging to the vendor’s business or reputation. I mean, if he looks at the box and thinks the place is suffering financially, he may go elsewhere, believing that the vendor can’t keep up.

The underlying reason why it is the way it is may not necessarily be important to your clients. What matters most is making the right impression. They need to understand that there’s no cause for concern when something you provide seems noticeably different to them, when it really isn’t.

But with a simple piece of VERY NOTICEABLE paper, Jorge not only had a guided explanation as to why the box is the way it is, it made him smile and it gave him something to talk about. And that’s exactly what you want to happen.

Communication is Key

Because of the simple explanation, in Jorge’s eyes this company is now cool. And he wants to talk about them (think viral marketing). He did tell me after all… and now I’m telling you. So you can even attract new customers this way.

It’s all about communication. Clients want to be in the loop, and a simple note –especially one that looks as if it were handwritten — can obviously go a long way, judging by this example alone.

Start communicating effectively to your customers about changes in the way you’re doing things. A short, upbeat heads-up note like this one can potentially do wonders for your business.


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