How To Find The Employee Who Can Do It All

I heard it again today; an entrepreneur saying that when he “finally finds some great talent,” his business will grow, and be profitable, and he will work less, and blah, blah, blah. He continued to explain how his business just needs an employee who can do it all.

I have bad news. Employees who can do it all, don’t exist. Scratch that. They do exist. They just won’t work for you, they will start their own businesses instead.

That elusive employee who can come into your business, use some mind-meld trick to figure out how everything works, and do another mind-meld and get everything done the way you want it, isn’t ever going to apply for a job with you. She is too talented (and smart) to apply those superpowers to your business. She is going to apply it to her own company, just like you recognized your own abilities and started your own business.

You are your company’s top talent. You are your company’s employee who can do it all. You just need to do what you do in a smarter way, so other great employees (but not the “can do it all” types) can excel in your company.

Start applying your talents and “do it all-ness” on creating systems. Build repeatable processes that an employee with the right energy, attitude, intelligence and values can do consistently.

Great employees are not the “do it all” types. Great employees add the human element that even great systems can’t achieve. These employees don’t have the desire “to do it all,” just the natural desire and ability to be great at what you give them. Those folks want to work with a great company, with great systems. Understand, Mr. Do It All?


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