First, They Got To Like You

I don’t care what you sell or how amazing your offer is; If I don’t like you, I’m not buying. If I don’t like your website, I am going elsewhere. If I don’t like the charity you are connected with, I am going to find someone else who supports the charity I like, and buy from them.

It’s not fair. It’s not even logical. But I am the consumer, “fair” and “logical” don’t have nearly as much weight as “gut instinct” and “feels right.”

If you want to sell to me, you need to connect with me. We need to have rapport. We need to have some form of bond, even a weak one. If I like you first, I will buy your stuff. If I don’t like you first, say goodbye to the sale.


2 thoughts on “First, They Got To Like You”

  1. So true. I recently took a new job and pay cut to have more hours to build my own business. In doing this, I recently walked into a hornets nest of customers that don’t like me. Not because I’m a nasty person, they just don’t know me yet and I inherited their accounts from a former employee who they liked a lot.To make up for it, I am calling on and selling to people who know and trust me while I work on my relationship with this tough group. I’m finding that in the south, cupcakes make for good bonding.

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