Have You Been Laughed At? I Hope So!

Have you ever been laughed at? Have you ever been ridiculed? Have you ever had people call you crazy, insane or some variant of?

Yes? Good. That is exactly what I had hoped. You see, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you better get ready to be questioned, ridiculed and worse.

It’s the name of the game. Entrepreneurs are the risk takers. Entrepreneurs are the ones who are willing to try the untried. Entrepreneurs are the ones willing to face persecution from the masses, to see their innovation come true. Entrepreneurs, ultimately enlighten the masses to something good, something new and something better.

Don’t think entrepreneurs have to face a gauntlet of resistance and challenge? Remember Fusionman? (The man who created jet propelled wings, and then used them to fly over the Alps.)

People thought he was crazy. And we (including myself) laughed at him… at first. But ultimately, he had the final laugh. He pushed the envelope, and has opened the door to a new or better “something.” And if he is right, ALL the rewards will come his way.

Think I am wrong? People laughed at Galileo… at first. The Wright brothers were a joke… at first. Henry Ford was ridiculed for expecting the impossible… at first.

So now it’s your turn. If you have been laughed at, joked about or ridiculed, I congratulate you. In fact, I applaud you. You clearly have a new, different or better venture at hand. Now you simply need to have the guts to stick it out.

Wishing you a soaring success!!!


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