Episode 11: How to Profit As A Life Coach With Rick Clemons

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Life Strategist and Entrepreneur Rick Clemons joins Episode 11 of the Profit First Podcast. Rick explains how staying true to yourself will lead to many different forms of success.


Our Guest


Rick’s a professionally certified coach, internationally syndicated blogger, author of Frankly My Dear I’m Gay, and an expert at waking people up to live their truth. He’s taken the lessons he learned as the son of a carpenter to become a closet buster and life renovator in his own right.

Snatched up as a Coming Out expert by the Ricki Lake Show, Huffington Post Live, and YourTango.com, Rick is the guy behind the Just Be You Revolution, a movement that’s challenging everyone from every walk of life to stop pretending and start living.

His quick wit, loving sarcasm, and jaw dropping questions take readers, audiences, and clients out of the numbness of living pretend lives, into the raw truth of being fully self-expressed in life, love, career, and business.

Breaking all the rules, Rick’s mastered the art of conception, bringing two beautiful daughters into the world, even though he’s gay; he’s an avid distance cyclist who’s built like a line backer, a singer who only performs when he teaches spin class, and a world traveler with a shoe fetish that would make Carrie Bradshaw swoon.


Show Quotes

There is a trigger that triggers every one of us in every aspect of our lives.

As you come out, so do the people around you; they come out as individuals who now have a gay member of the family, but then they also start to come out to themselves and who they really are.

If you make the decision to give up what you know, the beautiful thing is when you commit everything else starts to fall into place.

I need to go do what i’m passionate about. If you are leaving a job, don’t leave your clients hanging; package the message with a new solution.

When determining your prices, base it on how you would buy something personally.

Everyone has the right to be themselves and come out of whatever closets they have in their lives.


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