Spend Your Time

Time and money. Both are scarce resources. Money depletes quickly. Time depletes, comparatively, more slowly.

Before you spend your money, spend your time. Determine if your time is resulting in a loss or a gain. Then, when you discover where time is well spent, spend money on it, so that you don’t need to spend more time on it but other people or resources can.

Money can be replenished. Time can’t.

Before you spend your time, be very selective. Waiting is a cost, too. Time is always ticking and not using it is wasteful, so pick wisely, move aggressively, find what works, and use money to expand it.


5 thoughts on “Spend Your Time”

  1. Hey Mike thanks so much for all this info. Starting my business and about to open my bank accounts however the local credit union I use charges $8/ month if your checking account is below $2,500 monthly. Should I open 1 checking account (income) and the other 4 make savings accounts (no fees) or look for another bank? Thx!

  2. Time can’t be replenished. Before you spend your time, be very selective.
    Unfortunately most people dont seem to know this, so they spend their time unwisely. Thanks for that reminder.

  3. Short, sweet and direct to the point. The two most valuable resources on the planet. Time, you can’t get back but you can always make money. Invest wisely! Thanks for this Post.

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