The Teacher Is The Best Student

It is one of my favorite personal ah-ha moments:

My friend, JB Blanchard, and I were hastily walking to a speaking event I had on a college campus. We were running a little bit late, so we took some shortcuts through buildings.

As we passed a classroom, he muttered “There’s the best student.” I didn’t notice what he said.  My mind was rehearsing the speech I was about to deliver.

Aw we walked by the next room, he said the same thing while pointing, “Over there. There’s the best student.” I looked at him curiously, but didn’t say a thing.

He peered in as we walked by yet another packed room and said it yet again “Yep!  Over in the corner. There’s the best student.”

A little bit flustered, I stopped and looked at JB.

“Who are you pointing to?” I asked, continuing my questions unabated, “How do you know who the best student is? Is it the person taking the most notes? Is it the person sitting up front?”

“No.  It’s none of that, “ JB chuckled. “It’s the teacher. The best student is always the one who teaches.”

What are you trying to master? Teach it.


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