The Ultimate Sales Closing Technique

No one is ever as convincing to your prospect as the prospect themselves. In other words, if you can have your prospect arguing to you why they need your services you are much more likely to make them a client than if you are the one trying to convince them. In this video, Mike Michalowicz explains the reverse psychology 1 to 10 sales technique.


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Sales Closing Technique”

  1. Ah, very interesting technique!

    You know, when you said “what can I do to wow you to make it a 10?”, I was thinking “why don’t you love me? what can I do to make you love me?” That’s almost the exact same thing.

  2. I heard this talk the other day. Not exactly the same thing (since it’s after closing), but the same principle. This guy was selling educational products door to door. After someone bought it, he would ask that person to write down why they bought it on a card. One was that he got to study these cards afterwards for future sale. The other was that by having the buyer articulate why they bought, they are more likely to be happy about the purchase rather than having buyer’s remorse later.

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