Use Commonality To Attract Customers & Prospects

Commonality is a big, massive persuasion tool.  You and I automatically know, like and trust people the more commonality we find.  Just think about it for a second – if you are considering doing business with someone and you find out they grew up in your town, and went to your Alma mater, and share the same friends, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable doing business with them?  Heck yes, you would.  That is the power of commonality.

We become more attracted to people (and companies) when we find out that we share things in common.  Just pay attention to your own behavior, and you will notice that when some else is talking and they mention something that you have in common, your head will go aflutter with stories to share in return.  Commonality builds trust.  And commonality in arenas where we are uncomfortable or there is not much in common brings about the strongest of connections.  Just like it did for me in Russia.


8 thoughts on “Use Commonality To Attract Customers & Prospects”

  1. As a female business owner, I can attest that Mike is bang-on with his assessment. The first thing I did when I started to watch this video was to look for his wedding ring.

      1. i suppose it helps to have watched the video to put your comment in context (I did that AFTER i posted the above… lol)

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