What Is Being In Control?

This is likely the most misunderstood concept circulating in modern day society.  Being in control means that all the elements of your life are easily managed by you. Effectively you have all the dials of your life laid out in front of you and can turn them up or down as you wish.

Being in control means you have direct influence over your health, income, relationships, job, family, spirituality, and emotions.  The reality is that is not possible.  You can surely influence all of these categories, but you can’t control them.

You can improve and maintain your health, but you can’t prevent a lightning bolt from striking you dead. You can grow your income through hard (and smart) work, but you can’t stop the boss from whimsically firing you. You can work on great relationships, but for them to reciprocate they must do the same.

And so, in the greatest ironies of all, your thirst to be in control of all the elements of your life actually gives you less control. The harder the effort you make to be in control, the less and less possible it becomes.  The more control you assert, the more you need to get involved in the uncontrollable minuta.

The desire to be controlling is controlling you. Release what you can’t control and delegate the things that are better controlled by other. Those two things will give you the greatest sense of control.


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